Is it Worth making a Tumblr to market videos?


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Something I've been curious about for a long time. Every non-YouTube friend of mine has said "Oh no, you don't need a tumblr because it would be the same as marketing on twitter and facebook" but I wanted to ask actual YouTubers - is there any benefit to starting a tumblr for the purposes of just posting videos on it? Or would there be better ways to try and get traffic.
Hi there. In my experience, the more sites you make your content visible through, the better. I'm not extremely famous yet, but I have a fair amount of subs via YouTube, and at least 1/4 as many followers on Tumblr. I find a few Tumblr features particularly useful:

-reposting is easy so people who like your posts & "repost" them is like free exposure/advertising.
-So you don't post too much all at once, you can use the "schedule" or "queue" feature and queue up to 300 posts to be released once a day or up to 10x/day. Once every so often I'll compile a bunch of posts in the queue and then even if I'm not active for the next 6 months or so, it appears like I am, lol.
-When creating your tumblr post, you have the option to automatically share it to your facebook page or profile
-You can also use an outside service such as or hootsuite where if you post something on for example instagram, then it'll automatically post on tumblr / facebook / twitter.

Hope those are some helpful tips :)

PS: also, if this kind of stuff doesn't totally bore you, it may actually be kind of a fun hobby, I like the customization & layout options on Tumblr
I had the same idea recently too- though, how common is it for people to check out your youtube-specific tumblr page via the basic search option? This may be a silly question, but I haven't posted anything on tumblr before lol
I feel like tumblr is more difficult to get established on than other social media platforms, but its worth a shot.

Depends on the type of video as well, though. I think Beauty/fashion//makeup tutorial kinda videos would do really well there, but gaming videos wouldn't. The only youtube gamer on tumblr is sublime and thats just because a couple popular blogs spam the hell out of his content, i'm guessing because hes paying them to advertise.
Tyler Oakley is popular there, though. So if you do his kind of video it might work out.
Well, I just signed up on Tumblr and gonna give it a go...even though I'm a gaming soon as I figure out how to use it that is...I feel so old.

When I put the link up in my banner on YouTube there's no Tumblr icon though, just my Tumblr profile pic...weird.
Man @Jenni Nexus your making me want to start a Tumblr account myself :p

I personally don't have any experience with Tumblr nor do I know much or anything about I just know that the funny pictures from Facebook come from Tumblr :p

I wouldn't want to start one though because I don't feel like I would be able to keep up with all of these accounts, having material to post and having to constantly be active. Its a full time job I am not yet prepared to take on with University, relationship and my life job I sometimes find it hard to promote normally never mind adding other sites on top of that :p

P.S don't forget YTTalk :D
Unless you also want to use your account to actually, y'know, use tumblr (as in follow people whose work you enjoy and favorite/reblog content you think is awesome), I think it's not worth it.

If you make a tumblr primarily to utilize tumblr (I follow a lot of artists I adore and often save their work as reference or inspiration material for later for example), then by all means share your videos now and then on it. But to create a tumblr primarily for sharing videos? That's more of a waste of time than anything.