1. Adventure Campitelli


    Does anyone use Tumblr to promote their YouTube channel? If so how successful are you or can you tell if its working. I'm not to familiar with Tumblr but looks like an interesting way to direct traffic to your channel.
  2. Justine

    OVERWATCH IS GAY (totally not clickbait)

    So, theres a trend on Tumblr, in every fandom but especially in the overwatch fandom, where people hate on heterosexual ships yet worship, and almost fetishize, homosexual ships. Let's talk about some of the arguments against straight ships and why Tumblrs logic of saying "everyone is gay" so...
  3. L

    How do you guys get your social media around?

    I haven't made any videos yet (although I'm very much looking forward to doing a project with friends in the Summer), but in some other instances where I tried doing Youtube in the past, it was ultimately really difficult to get circulation around Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Is there anything tips or...
  4. jjwickings


    A couple of years ago I quit tumblr, and recently I've felt ready to really talk about why. So why not vlog about it?
  5. MrWils

    Q and A questions needed!

    Please send me some questions on my tumblr! Tumblr: mrwilsyoutube.tumblr.com/ask Thanks in advance! ~MrWils
  6. Steflouise

    Tumblr friends????

    Need tumblr buddies... My blog is just full of tumble weeds hahahahaha Name: silly peanut glitter (tumblr gave me the name k thanks) See you all there xoxo
  7. Mr Danny

    My Own Social Media

    It's a great social media. It doesn't exist, it probably never will, but that happens to the best things in this planet. BUT I THINK IT'S GREAT. A bit messy, but aren't we all?
  8. CrystalD

    Is it Worth making a Tumblr to market videos?

    Something I've been curious about for a long time. Every non-YouTube friend of mine has said "Oh no, you don't need a tumblr because it would be the same as marketing on twitter and facebook" but I wanted to ask actual YouTubers - is there any benefit to starting a tumblr for the purposes of...
  9. Average Bars

    Is Learning a Foreign Language Cultural Appropriation?

    In this video I address a tweet calling learning another language which is not a part of one's culture as cultural appropriation. Tell me what you think, if I messed up somewhere or if you agree/disagree with my opinion.