I've Got It
Hello all, once again I'm racking my brain with questions!

How long do you guys think an intro should be? What about an outro?

Do you guys deem this to be necessary to have a successful YouTube channel?

What are your guys' thoughts!


I'm just getting back into YouTube and started making a video tonight and I was thinking the same thing!
I personally believe that an Intro is really not needed at all as you have to grab the viewer in fast, and if the viewer is already subscribed the introduction of too long can be repetitive, for this reason if you have an intro I would try and lower it to a maximum of 5 seconds long.

However an outro can be up to ten seconds long as the viewer has already seen the content they want to watch and may feel like watching more of your suggested content. The outro prompts them to do so.

This is just my opinion and what I found from my old channel.
Outro is for the fanbase, showing off your social media, if any and people who go to my channel say my intro is why they watched the video in the first place, so very important that you catch their attention in the first 5 seconds
to be completely honest I hate intros. especially if i am a return subscriber. if your going to use one then make sure you have 2-3 so you can switch them up between uploads so your return subs don't get bored. I would recommend using the channel trailer option instead that way we can just watch it the once when new to your channel. Outro's should be around 5-10 seconds.
I actually enjoy intros...if they're creative and appealing. If people are able to recognize your channel by intro visuals/music then that's great.
As for length, the max should be 5 seconds. 3 seconds is probably the sweet spot.
I don't think an outro is necessary, but if you have one it can't hurt you.
Intros aren't needed and sometimes can do more harm than good, but outros can help get people to watch other videos.

The ultimate goal on YouTube is minutes watched.
I think neither are necessary for a successful channel. Intros are mainly for branding, and should be no more than a few seconds. Outros on the other hand really help. It increases views on other videos if you promote it, also engagement on social media too.
yeah i was looking at this, i spent ages creating an intro and then i thought to myself, if i was a subscriber would i want to see that same thing on every video, so now my intro/title is just telling what the video is, sudden pause with the title and then video carries on. Only done it with one video but does make things easier.
Still need to experiment with outro stuff though
For me intro's are only good if they are 2-3 seconds long and don't have annoying techno music blasting my eardrums, Sinc stated it best outro's are for your fans to connect across social media.
I watch a bunch of videos, like I'm sure the rest of you do too. I LOVE a good intro... no more than 10 seconds at the absolute most! I'm working with mine to make it 5 seconds... just my channel art and a sound effect... keep it simple. I have a friend you does YT and hers is about 15 - 20 seconds long, honestly, I love her vlogs but it is annoying.

I think outros are a waste of time... You can have someone know about your social media throughout your video with a stamp or image -- but if you must keep it also to just a few seconds. To me it is more important to close your video with some sort of catch phrase (nothing corny or whatever) and a call to action - like, share subscribe!
Those are just my thoughts.