1. X

    Services 1 Dollar Intro/50 cent Outro

    Do you want a custom and unique intro or outro then you are at the right place! xDreadFox provides the highest quality intro/outros for a low price!
  2. HalieCakes


    Hello all, once again I'm racking my brain with questions! How long do you guys think an intro should be? What about an outro? Do you guys deem this to be necessary to have a successful YouTube channel? What are your guys' thoughts! Thanks!
  3. Nanonium

    Request [Free] Need a Intro and Outro

    So for my YouTube channel, I'd like a quick short intro much like the one I have already, only a better background. As for the outro, something with a eye-catching background and a format like the one I already have For both, I'd like some nice music in it. I want it done for free, however you...
  4. Tuttiman

    Request Anyone interested to do a free outro and channel icons please.

    I want to start fresh for the new year and I want to know if there's anyone willing to do a free logo,outro and banner for free. It will be a honour and I will help your advertisement claim by talking about it in the next 5 videos. thanks
  5. Zach S.

    I Make Out with a Dragon...

    There are dragons that are kissing us!!! Today we get to go back to Riverwood to talk to Delphine with Esbern. We then get to go to the Sky Haven temple and find Alduin's wall. Then we have to go back up to the mountains to talk to Angrier and figure out how to defeat Alduin! Twitter ...
  6. Roux Harbour

    BIRTHDAY ShoutOuts!^^

    Hia, I'm Roux, Nice To "Meet" You!^^ LOL Anyways, I Was Thinking About Potentially Doing Birthday.ShoutOuts In Future Videos Of Mine, What Do Y'all Think? :) Any Takers? ^^ Any Birthday-Girls/Boys Out There Want Some Extra Attention On Their Birthday? :happy: Let Me Know!^^