Improv Story-Based Comedy Series


I've Got It
I really want to start something with my buddies that begins as solely improv but we end up branching off into storylines just from what we've done in the vlog. For example if we improv a character dying, we would write up a way to bring them back or write up some way to branch off of that and maybe at some point it becomes fully scripted. Do you guys think it's a good idea and do you have tips to maybe build on the idea?
I think if you've kept it Improv the whole time it could have more potential then writing in the scripts later and changing up the formula. Cause then the fans of the Improv might be disappointed. Maybe just start with that idea and then improv how'd you bring that certain character back from the dead. Either way you do it sounds like a good idea to me. It'd be fun and get you guys plenty of experience in multiple areas. Good luck! =]