1. Kyonite

    Improv Story-Based Comedy Series

    I really want to start something with my buddies that begins as solely improv but we end up branching off into storylines just from what we've done in the vlog. For example if we improv a character dying, we would write up a way to bring them back or write up some way to branch off of that and...
  2. The Crazed Side

    Comedy Improv comedy Podcast about....nothing.

    Looking to colab with anyone who's into weird [adult swim-ish] comedy that's about nothing. And by nothing it's gonna be about ayy lmao aliens and why they don't make good potato chips like humans do. In this podcast, you're gonna play any type of character you want [Or you could just be...
  3. mussonman

    Is this content able to grow into a bigger channel?

    I've just started doing this improv comedy and character-acting experiment: basically a Let's Roleplay for Fallout 3 called "Fallout Coward" I've got three episodes up so far In the future, alongside this series I'll...
  4. mussonman

    So where should I promote?

    I've just started doing this improv comedy and character-acting experiment: basically a Let's Roleplay for Fallout 3 called "Fallout Coward" I've got two episodes up so far, one of which I've posted to Reddit and it's gotten me a few new subscribers. In the future, alongside this series I'll...
  5. DeclassifiedWeird

    Comedy Sketch comedy collab with aspiring comedians

    I want to collab with men and women looking to work on sketch comedy, improv, and general comedy skills.
  6. DeclassifiedWeird

    Comedy Improv comedy collab

    Anyone in the LA area and have studied at any improv schools like UCB or Groundlings?
  7. DeclassifiedWeird

    Comedy My channel is 2.8% comedy gold, and you could be a part of it

    Hello all, I would love to collaborate with other sketch or improv comedy channels. I love having the freedom that comedy channels have, and would like to share ideas and collab with other creative minds. Check out my channel and if it's something you like and you think we could work well...
  8. DeclassifiedWeird

    Other Looking for people interested in improv comedy Collab

    If anyone enjoys improv comedy and would like to collab and make a funny/weird/entertaining video please let me know and we can work together.
  9. Mr. Indigo

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Partner(s)!

    Hello! I am looking for someone who wants to Skype and chat with me while I play games. I am a small YouTube channel that plays pretty much everything however when I record I usually slip into a silent trance like state when recording which causes large swaths of silence. I need someone to talk...
  10. Rando

    I could use some pointers..

    So, I officially started my channel about three months ago.. Progress is slow, but it's there. I know that there's tons of stuff I could do better, I'm just not sure where to start. I work full time, so I don't always have the time to focus on my channel.. but I'm always trying to figure out how...
  11. O

    Should I continue making videos?

    Me and my friends decided to get high and make a video of us hanging out and being comedic, I guess. I always wanted to start a YouTube channel, should we keep making videos? Does anything need to be changed to keep viewer attention? honestly.
  12. Vickie

    Interview about acting, theater, improv, and podcasting

    I do an interview show and podcast - this is the latest interview!! Please check it out! Also, for the FULL AUDIO of the interview please subscribe to the podcast! OR on iTunes