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The Crazed Side

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Looking to colab with anyone who's into weird [adult swim-ish] comedy that's about nothing. And by nothing it's gonna be about ayy lmao aliens and why they don't make good potato chips like humans do. In this podcast, you're gonna play any type of character you want [Or you could just be yourself in this if you want to.]. I play a few different character voices, along with a friend. You don't need to be amazing at improv nor do you need any amount of subscribers, but you should be able to play along with the goofiness that's going on in the podcast. It'll be done over Skype, though the actual finished video will just be audio that shows a picture of the characters in the podcast, or if have time maybe I'll animate it. If you have any more questions tell me in the comments. Thank you.
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oh whoops, i didn't realize it didn't work. It should work now, but if it doesn't for some reason, then search up "The Crazed Side" on youtube. My latest vid about tinder shows what my comedy style is all about. Btw I checked out your school video and I like the style of it [strangely enough I quit school awhile ago lol, I agree with all the points you made for sure. Good god, I'm like 9000 percent happy to not be in school lol]. Check it out and if you feel like the colab will work then tell me and I'll tell you what my skype is