How to Stay Moivated

Take a break? Stop spreading your editing over multiple days and set aside a day to do it all? So then it doesn't feel like all your doing is editing constantly.
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I viewed your most recent video, as a fellow editor I can see the effort you put into your video! Congrats! My only recommendation is not to upload as frequently (if you do). There comes a point in every YouTuber's life (whether they realize it or not) where they have to decide between quantity or quality (there is an exception which I will get into later). You my friend seem like a person of quality. To help with this you literally have to carve out time to edit. Set aside sometime daily where you can work on your video bit by bit and by the end of the week your video is ready for upload!

as I fore mentioned there is a way to have both, and its to have someone else edit for you/hire them to edit! I kept this till the end since this isn't a valid option for most people as they are a pretty small channel, but in the low chance that you do have someone who can edit, or possibly meet someone who is willing to edit for you in the future, I wanted you to be aware of this option.


When I have burnout (which I have with every interest in my life), I just take a break. I actually just returned from a 4-month break. This week is literally the first time I've added anything to my channel this whole year. The only reason I came back when I did was because my requests from viewers were piling up and my buffer of pre-uploaded and scheduled videos was only getting to be a month remaining.
Like others said, i believe first of all is important to take a break.
Another thing is to try and make a fixed schedule....for example I try and make as much as possible on sunday because that is usually a free day when I have no other plans. If i get everything done on sunday...or at least a big part of it, then i'm more free during the weekdays.
When five months ago I had my burnout because of university stress plus keeping up with the schedule I just said screw it and stopped. I took advantage of the time to look back and see what I did wrong, or what I could improve also by watching other people's videos, see what I liked of the stuff they did and saw what could be applied to my channel as well. Overall I'd say there's nothing wrong with taking a break, if you use that time wisely.
I have changed my schedule, to just upload whenever I get an idea, to not put more pressure to myself. considering that I have work and planning my trip this summer. Of course I will put up updates until then!