How to Promote YouTube Videos On Forums


Thanks for the information! That's good to know. I'm new here and new to using forms so those are really some helpful tips!
Having been the owner of a really large forum, I can confirm how easy it is to detect a spammer for an experienced admin. Intentions become visible quickly. So really, join the forum with the intention to network, not to advertise. Provide value. If you put in the time, it will eventually work out nicely.
Thanks so much for making this! You make a good point that you don't just want to get on a forum and start advertising. No one will know you and will probably just see you as someone trying to mass advertise.
This is fantastic info! Thanks you. The main issue I am running into is finding forums that fit my content. I do a daily vlog so my subjects are very broad. If you have any suggestions I would really love to find some good spots for my content.