How to Promote YouTube Videos On Forums

I should have read this last year. Got myself banned for not reading the FAQ posting guide on a forum! ugh. Live and learn.

Hi @Paulie Popcorn ..I am starting up with the same niche as yours too,,,,just subscribed and watched your videos...hope to know how you manage to get your channel up and running....[DOUBLEPOST=1519249157,1519244415][/DOUBLEPOST]Using forums is a very common idea to network - gain trust and credibility - promote ....
Probably some of the best advice I have seen on this, thank you for sharing!
I say you should promote videos on forums to try and reach out to other people forums are big communities where you can reach out and someone might have the same idea as you or you can negotiate and come up with something unique to grow your channels my God this thread is old I'm surprised This Thread is not locked I'm probably going to look a little crazy considering replying to a thread from 2014 and it's now 2018 oh well that's my thoughts
If the forum doesn't want you to do that, there's nothing you can do. Their property, their rules.