How to grow a large gaming channel.

Great thread uberdanger. I agree with the let's play part which is ironic since i do them(for now). This may sound weird or lazy or something but what can we define as good content? What makes a good video? Good audio, good video, good personality. Have all that then what? What if you make great let's plays? It probably won't get many views and it's oversaturated. You got the right equipment then what? You don't have the personality? Making great content, what is it? Idk that always confuses me. But great thread though and hope you continue your success. :)
Let's face it, let's plays are VERY bad for growing gaming channels, and frankly it's not even remotely original to do let's plays anymore.

My goal isn't necessarily to get big on YT, but my videos represent what I enjoy doing and what I enjoying watching others do. I don't care about couple minutes videos about some funny / retarded things someone did on X game, I'm interested in long let's plays where you can see player progress through the game and talk about the strategies of doing so, which is why I personally do let's plays.

Making your videos just with the intent to get big is just wrong and I'd call that not even remotely original.
I think it also depends a lot how much you upload. Like I have good audio and video quality, a researched script and lots of editing with Premiere and AE, still almost noone gets to see my vids because of youtubes algorhythm.
Also you see so many crappy channels tjat just got bigger because they got promoted through their friends. So yeah :/
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Very interesting! I never would've thought about gateway videos, but I can definitely see the appeal.

It also makes sense that Let's Plays aren't super popular anymore, at least not with small channels since the big guys take care of that. I might need to rethink my style of videos now but I personally prefer showing my subs the exploration parts so this might be hard to suddenly change up.

Awesome advice! Thanks for sharing, it will definitely help!