How to grow a large gaming channel.

I have been on YouTube making videos for 2 years...! Now, granted I did start with really bad videos but, now I put up really good videos for people to watch but, it's like a gamble because, some might explode to like 150+ views and others might barely reach 10... It's really frustrating but, I don't really give a f**k because, I enjoy doing it (Although making a commentary voice over can be a real b***h). You guys can checkout my channel to see what I mean and whether my videos are of good quality or am I just telling my self this...
Thanks for the Advice. I agree good content is needed and not doing lets play videos. Also i think shorter videos will do better since alot of your subs wanna get something out of your video fast whether its a laugh or info or just entertainment. Then they wanna move on to the next video or get on with there day. I know for me if i see a 10 min video i watch like 2 min of it then i get bored. People like You Tube because they don't have to sit down for one hour to watch an episode of 1 thing when you can see multiple subjects in the same time frame and get just as much satisfaction out of what you just saw.
Hello everyone I'm UberDanger, I've done a few guides and AMA's on this forum, but enough about that. Today I'm gonna talk from personal experience, on how to grow a big gaming channel. SOME of theese tips can be applied to other kinds of videos, but this guide is mainly made for gaming channels. If you think I'm just bullshitting that's fine by me, but theese are some of the things that has worked for me, and I hope they can help you as well.

Focus points:
Now there are 3 main focus points when it comes to growing a gaming channel

Content, Distribution, and closing the deal.

Content is paramont, is a phrase I like to throw around a lot, basically what it means it, if your content isn't widely appealing, you will have a hard time growing your channel. That works both ways. There are plenty of sites like Reddit or Twitter where you can get HUGE traffic to your videos, but that won't be possible if you don't have the content needed.

People often talk about improving their tags, or sharing their videos more, or trying to get shoutouts from big Youruber's, however if there's one thing that 9/10 of theese people don't have it's good content.

Gateway videos are probably my biggest topic when it comes to content, basically what a gateway video is, is a widely appealing, relatively short video, which will make people subscribe. I don't want to use myself as an example, so I have decided to use @Wreckless Eating instead, all their videos are of the same type, so if someone sees one of them, they will know that there are more content of the same type. They also know that there will be RELEASED more content, and possibly better content.

Gateway videos lead to exponential growth, and my easiest way of explaining that, is that growth leads to more growth, if a video has 10,000 views, and you make more of the same style, suddenly the first will hit 100,000. I was flabbergasted when I looked at my videos tab, and saw some of my videos lying at 400,000 views, when just a few months ago I got my first ever 100k views on a video.

Gateway videos aren't super specific, but you need to if you want fast growth, and you want fast growth.

Basically however you get your content to the eyes of the viewers, will you chose to share it with your small friends on Facebook? Or will you hit that frontpage on r/gaming and get 2 million views in less than a day. Will you make gateway videos with a high view to sub ratio, or will you upload a let's play which gets you a low amount of subscribers. Let's face it, let's plays are VERY bad for growing gaming channels, and frankly it's not even remotely original to do let's plays anymore.

As a viewer, why should I watch your content, when I have a guaranteed stream of content from [insert 3 million subscriber Youtuber here]. My best tip is to use Reddit/Facebook/Twitter, and I mean not to just post it on your own social media account with no followers, I mean that you should get other big pages to post it. On Reddit try to get featured on a large subreddit, I happen to be so lucky that r/leagueoflegends happens to be the 36th largest subreddit out of them all. I know that r/gaming loves GTA at the moment, and also videos about the new consoles/steam box.

I KNOW that there's a facebook/twitter page for the games that you play, try to submit/tweet it to them, it can't hurt to try. When it comes to distribution I also mean how you decide to release your content, if you release it across 4 different channels it won't get you a consistent following, or if your content changes all the time it won't either. Try to be professional, and find your own style to share with your subscribers.

Closing the deal:
Theese are all the smaller tips you can use to improve your already great gaming channel, first of all I need to mention branding, and I don't just mean thumbnails and such, I mean branding you as an internet persona. Look at my channel for example, my duck is my branding, it's a kind of character I also use when I respond to comments, and such. My subscribers are called "the duck army" and it's just another layer to a great relationship to have with your subscribers.

Another thing to consider is audio/video quality, and naturally collaborating with other people in the same area as you.

Ending words:
I didn't have a lot of time to write this guide, but a lot of people have requested it, so I tried to get it done. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.
Great Guide thanks! :D
I'm basically at the last point. I'm just changing a few details about my videos editing and general feel to keep people interested. I try to make a unique intro for every video to keep everyone interested but, the problem isn't that I'm bad but, nobody knows who I am. Everyone who sees my channel now Subscribes or at least most. but, I barely get views on my latest videos and that pisses me off. If you think my videos are bad. Feel free to check my channel and my latest video and let me know whether I'm uploading a good or bad videos...[DOUBLEPOST=1423637603,1423637338][/DOUBLEPOST]
I don't mean to be mean.. but I'd say alot of your growth was due to luck of being uploading LoL content at the right time... videos of that really hit off in 2013 and has supercharged even channels with no commentary or production value :sour2:
Well, some yes but, others no. I wasn't that lucky. Even when I realized that my videos were... well... s**t.
I did fix my quality of editing and general content but, getting people to watch is hard. Especially if you're still a nobody. No matter if you got the best content. Getting them seen is the hardest. Because, there are so many people that does worser videos than yours that are getting 100s and 1000s of Subscribers. All I can say is thank god where I'm at and thank every mother f****r that stood by me...
Another great guide even if it is from 2013, still so relevant!
I don't have a gaming channel, I have a blogging channel but the content in this guide is still really useful!
You know what guys? I think that... I'm not that lucky with YouTube. I see all those other people starting to upload videos on YouTube as recent as past 6 months and and getting as many views and subs as I earned in the last 2 years. 2 f*****g years!! Every time I go to my page and check my views. I see them growing by about 15 views daily. That makes me a little happy but, sometimes it goes quiet for a week. Adding to the fact that nobody subs because, obviously I'm a channel with low subs and not worth trusting because, I might just be re-uploading somebody's else's content or even worse that my videos aren't good enough.

It hurts! It really f*****g hurts!! I just sit here in front of my computer thinking what could be the problem. I'm following the steps and more than that. I have my full dedication to producing my videos! I like doing it! But, sometimes man... I just sit there and... I don't know... f**k...! Just have that shred of doubt in my self. That I'm not good enough. That I should just stop. I don't f*****g know...

It's happening to me right now as I'm typing this and probably no one will see this. I know for a fact that all that... "neglect-ion" (so, to speak) has been just motivation. It has been a drive to work as hard as I can to put out good videos for you guys. I always say that Subscribing is a really good motivation but, I'd like it better if someone commented. Just letting me know that my video sucks or boring or good or just awesome or f**k it at least say something to know that you do have something to say and that you do want something out of it instead of...sigh... I just don't f*****g know... you check my channel out. Do you think I deserve what I got right now because, I'm extremely proud of what I have but, feel like... I'm not good enough... Or just not worth it... either way... sigh....
great advice our main thing was we wanted to create a brand and we have slogans we are going to make some custom t shirts and stuff. we have only been around for 3 weeks and have 150 subs. Any tips to growing to 500 subs and beyond?