How to grow a large gaming channel.

Again, great advice!

Does anyone have tips on how to create a community with a gaming channel? I want to create a tagline / name for my subscribes but I have no ideas...
Well, I'm having a tough time. With reddit's rules on sharing stuff, twitter not growing because nobody will even acknowledge my account, it's gonna be a fun journey to even get 100 subs. Got 13 in a week, more or less, but I can definitely see it stagnating because my social media is not growing with the channel, and I've been commenting, sharing content, Anyway, it will be a good craic if I ever get to 1000 subs in less than 5 years lol
Game channel tips
Choose your niche.
Mind SEO.
Consider Intros / Outros for your videos.
Get a custom channel picture/profile.
(Or understand your rights
Consider an MCN.
Pay attention to audience engagement.
Generate regular content. In order to stay relevant on YouTube, you must produce content regularly.