how long does it take to receive partnership invitation ( VouStudios network)


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So I recently applied for VouStudios partnership but it's been 2 days now I didn't hear from them. I also contacted their support but no reply from them too.
Also my channel was released 2 days ago from socialblade. ( same day I applied for partnership to vou )
I also applied for creative nation too but didn't got their invitation either ( they accepted me and said I will receive an invitation soon ).
I'm starting to think that there's a problem with my channel that doesn't let invitations to be recieved cuz with socialblade I partnered with them in just 24hrs.
Any idea why ?
As long as your channel is in good standing (no community or copyright strikes), and doesn't have any AdSense issues, almost any network will have the ability to partner you if they decide to accept your application.

It's quite normal for it to take more than two days for the onboarding process. You may also have been rejected, in which case you'll need to contact the networks you applied to. Give it some time first, though. Some networks will simply ignore your application without telling you that you've been rejected, which is annoying. Just be patient.
Just A question, If i want to join VouStudios do i need an adsense account? and will i be payed through ad sense? iv been partnered with adsense for about 4 months and not that happy, looking to join another network.

Any info will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!