vou studios

  1. L

    Should I leave ScaleLab and join Curse network ?

    hey. So I joined Scalelab on December 2015 ( I joined VouStudios but since with new YT policy I'm transferred to scalelab) so far I didn't actually had any problems. They pay in time, support is good, forums is a bit dead though, their CPM is pretty good ($9-$10). But I really wanted to join...
  2. Jorpheus


    Hey guys just wondering about whether i should join a network or not. I have been making videos for the past two weeks and have 30 subs, i know some may think its foolish to join one now but i really want to get my content out further and everything. I dont care about the money, i just want a...
  3. L

    how long does it take to receive partnership invitation ( VouStudios network)

    So I recently applied for VouStudios partnership but it's been 2 days now I didn't hear from them. I also contacted their support but no reply from them too. Also my channel was released 2 days ago from socialblade. ( same day I applied for partnership to vou ) I also applied for creative...