How Long did it take you to reach 50,100 or 1000 SUBS?

Around 2 years for the first 100, and another 2 years to 1000 :)
Now 3100 subs, and growing with 1 or 2 pr. day.
But it did not come easy for me, I have made over 700 videos and have around 1500 views a day and totally over 3.000.000 view overall. :)

My channel is mostly about RC flying, so it is mostly men that watch my videos :D and there is also not that many RC pilots in the world, but I am happy for the views I all ready have got ..

And I still have room for more subs...

When I started to upload consistently I was gaining about 1 - 2 every other week or so, sometimes one a month. When I made all my videos private and 'started over' (since they were pretty bad if I'm being honest) I have jumped up another 30ish over 3 months. I'm hoping to hit 100 soon!
took me about a week and a half to hit 50, a month to hit 100 and in 2 1/2 months i stopped at 350 ( had my teeth smashed out in a crash ) but will return soon :)