How I made my first 1000 subs - A mindset advice

small update:

I have just reached 5,000 subs. I decided to put more effort into my channel and that means: I quit my job, I applied for a new job which I do half a day (8-12) and the other half of the day I will do YouTube! Currently I spend a lot of time with try and error and research of YouTube, also organizing stories to tell in my future videos.

As you can see: I put 100% of work into my channel! As soon as I earn more than 1000$ a month from YouTube (where I am currently FAAAR away from) I will quit my other job which I'm doing 8-12 too!

Editing is the most important key at the moment. I'm getting better and better in premiere pro, after effects, lightroom and photoshop. You MUST know these programs (or similar). Especially premiere pro and after effects! I'm watching lots of tutorials on YouTube to improve my editing skills. I also signed up on "tubebuddy" and "vidIQ" to analyse my channel and my competitor's channels to see what is state of the art at the moment. Evaluating hashtags building my brand and promote it on Instagram and Facebook is essential! I translate all videos to English which is very useful, because Google searches in the subtitle text-file for keywords and hashtags.

I try to upload 2-3 videos a week. Each video takes 10-15hours of editing and I am always asking myself: Is my video interesting now? What can I change to make the viewer watch it until the end? Watchtime is more important than your subscribers count at the moment. So I try to make the videos as long as possible and as interesting as possible. But, and now comes the important part: with zero seconds boring content. If you have more than 5 seconds of unneccessary content in your video, people will stop to watch it. Always watch your final video multiple times and make corrections / cut out boring parts.

If you have any questions let me know! I'm open for all kinds of feedback, tipps, hints, advices and so on...

All the best,
I have just reached 5,000 subs. I decided to put more effort into my channel and that means: I quit my job
Hi Sophia
First of I have to say that this is an amazing post:up2: top nudge high quality work. So hats of to you:)
This is a big inspiration for all of us. Best of luck to you with this channel and I hope you can do it full time in the near future
This was super helpful - Thanks for sharing!

PS - I couldn't find ' How to get: Views & Subs *EASILY EXPLAINED* - by @Unated '... do you have the direct link?
I already do all the things listed, but I still only have 148 subscribers after 4 years. What can I do?
I was also putting lot of hard work to edit my videos , but i promote them on subreddits so i get lot of hate , and i sometimes lose my motivation...
Do you have better way to promote exept twiter,fb,instagram(because i am not promoting my videos on my main instagram , because i am from europe and recording for USA).
I really like the mentality focus of this post, it's important not to expect things to grow instantly or to expect people to automatically be interested in your content.