How I made my first 1000 subs - A mindset advice

Great article. I'd like to remind people to have fun with it. Youtube might be your job, but just any other job, if you DONT find it fun, it might bite back sooner or later. Have fun with it. And if you dont, change it up so that you do. its clique but usually true!

What's the most useful channel growth (social media?) plan for small channels (in your opinion)? Any tips on looking for that target audience subscribers and making them check out your channel?

Tbh I just wanna hear your inspiring response

Great post btw! Exactly what had to be said!

Good luck!!!

If you want to grow, you should aim for high goals. Imagine you have 1 million subs, which social media platforms should be mandatory in this case? It also depends on what you do. Some niches are not into Twitter, some are not into Google+ and so on. You should definately have a "business" page on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to look professional you should have a landing page. Wordpress is a good start here but I hired a webmaster who did my webpage for a few dollars.

You should also analyse who your viewers are with Google analytics. There is no better tool to determine your target audience!

Good luck to you as well!!
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By the way: When I wrote this, I had just over 1,000 subs. Now I have over 2,000 already, although it's winter time and I upload a video once a month!

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