How Do Channels Get Their First Views?

Just post and be active in your niche. And not active with "nice vid" comments. No, if you watch a video you have to genuinely like it and leave a comment that relates to the video and does not direct people to your YouTube page by stating "check out my stuff". Leading comments are fine, like I mention on some car reviews that I reviewed the same car / similar car and I agree or disagree with their findings. It lets people know I have an automotive channel, but it doesn't out right state "check out my channel". If you fake interest however people smell that a mile away. I do not follow anyone I do not agree with, and those I do agree with know me as a brutally honest person. I think most regulars know that of me down here as well. I call people out all the time.
Get 10 friends to watch each video in full, like and comment. It will help with telling the algorithm that this video will be liked by others and it will send it to them
For your absolute first videos, other than tagging, proper targeting etc. I'd highly suggest sharing them with your friends and family just to at least get some sort of views. More importantly make sure your videos are ones that people would want to watch. Tagging your video properly and strategically is most important in the long run I think.
You can also go on other people´s channels and make a relevant comment on their video (and not saying: nice video, please go and check out my channel. because that´s so annoying). people will eventually see your comment and might go to your channel.
Is it me or have they taken away the feature where you could see a page preview of a user when you hover over their name in a comments section on youtube? You used to be able to see their banner and some details i believe but now its gone. Not sure why or if its just something wrong with my browser.