How Do Channels Get Their First Views?


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So I have a quick question about growth. Ive had a channel for about two years now and all my videos essentially sit at 0 views. I will accept that by assuming I am creating videos of no interest and have decided to consider different sorts of videos. However, this does get me wondering how to even get the first set of views. I'm just not sure how to work within the system- I imagine I could create a new video every single day and no one would perhaps never even know they existed. What can I do, starting from scratch, to at least try to gain some legit momentum. Obviously create better vids, but beyond that? How can I get the first views to begin with?
- proper optimization for search results
- proper optimization for related videos
- social media promotion
- leverage promotion via own networks
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Thank you so much, cbpayne! Please allow me to follow up:
-I have read some articles on this, choosing key terms, but even when the right terms are chosen, a new vid will still be deep into the results right? Unless its something unique to the vid, but if its unique to the vid and no one knows about it, no one would search for it. Just wanted to clarify cuz I know SEO is important for new businesses too and I always wonder how to make that efficient with so much competition.
- I remember YT used to allow people to make response vids. Mad did I miss the boat with that, I imagine that wouldve made things a tad easier. I will do some searching on how to do this, thank you!
-This is probably a dumb question, but if you lack a social media base, is there any way to leverage other people's? Or is there an alternative I can use to get the ball rolling?

Again, thank you a million times over, I very much appreciate the feedback!
Yeah, how I got my first views were really just sharing it with my friends and posting on Instagram. Hope this helps :)

I see that you had a question about. To answer your last question, i guess you can contribute to the conversation on your favourite YouTuber's videos e.g. make a funny or an interesting comment where they could give you a shoutout?
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You can also go on other people´s channels and make a relevant comment on their video (and not saying: nice video, please go and check out my channel. because that´s so annoying). people will eventually see your comment and might go to your channel.
Agreed. It's all about getting out there. Promote when and where it's acceptable. There are platforms like reddit, facebook, and a few others that allow newtubers to promote but they don't get much traction. It's all about getting into the communities you're seeking to get into and putting in the time.
Offering the best you have is the trick. Like giving people advice or things that cost and are worth for free,than when you get some views you will be recommended shared etc...
Network. My channel is very small, but I grew 200 subscribers in relatively no time by reaching out on other social media platforms :D I involved myself a lot in this forum, I interacted with people on reddit, I left comments on other youtube's channels (relevant to their video). Never self plug since people tend to hate that

Again, my channel is very small so I'm no one to give advice but that's how I got my first couple of viewers!
I find using good hashtags, sharing with family and friends on social media and trying to getting a buzz going about your're video will only sit there if you haven't started a traffic source yourself then hopefully it will start becoming recommended after some time..