Hey guys, im JayPlays and Welcome!


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Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel/post. Hope you are all good!!

Basically im kinda new in here, i have no idea of what im really doing but im going a long as i progress through here, Im a 20 year old small youtuber that has just been on the youtube scene for about 2 months now, ive loved every second of it so far and im just really hoping to keep on building up a community with everyone that is interested, if not, that is totally cool! :)

Im a gaming youtuber that does commentarys on errr games hahaha!

I play many different games, i dont tend to just stick with one type of game because i wanna go out there and explore, go beyond my barriers and trying new things that i havent really thought of and i wanna take you guys with me to explore together!

So far ive played games like:
Five Nights at Freddys
Horror games
Pizza Delivery
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Happy Wheels

And many many more!!

Ive also done 1-2 How to videos just for the simple fact that i really wanna help you guys out, some videos on youtube dont really explain how to do things so i thought i would step up and show you my way (the easy way)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask andThankyou for visiting! be sure to give some feedback on anything, here, on my youtuber or twitter, let me know if ive done anything the wrong way too so i can try and correct it, i hope ive done everything right!

See you all soon!

My twitter - https://twitter.com/__JayPlays__
My YT Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCwGb1XzgLOzKl6u6-_EmNQ/videos
My Recent Video -