1. JayPlays

    Hey guys, im JayPlays and Welcome!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel/post. Hope you are all good!! Basically im kinda new in here, i have no idea of what im really doing but im going a long as i progress through here, Im a 20 year old small youtuber that has just been on the youtube scene for about 2 months now, ive loved...
  2. Lewiswebster1100

    Feedback upon my Vloggies

    Hey guys , just looking for any feedback on my vlogs :) -Lewis https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI91biu0CmHSa31K-HlmT3w
  3. AkradonGaming


    Hello all, Names Akradon. I've been here before but under another channel. That channel kinda died a death, so now I'm back with another one trying to build myself back up again. I have a few videos up on my channel already, so would love it if anyone would give me pointers, hints and tips on...
  4. K

    HELLO! Click here to read.

    Hello, we are new to youtube and we like to give feedback to others, as well as recieve feedback. So if you like to receive some constructive feedback about your videos, please check our our new intense 30 second intro, give us feedback and we will do the same for you. ***Use headphones for...
  5. Luke Smith

    Meet Up/Gathering Hello There

    My Name is Luke Smith, I am new to youtube and currently have 20 subscribers, I am 17 years old and I am looking for people in East Sussex In the UK to collab with etc. I am really exited to be starting youtube and would love to be able to meet some of you.