Help! I Need Info on Making a Solid Video Release Schedule

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Hey all! Derek here!

Do any of you know of any tools or resources that help you pin point times where not allot of videos are released and where there are plenty of bored viewers? I can find all sorts of stuff on just about every other subject but I can't seem to find anything on scheduling on this site.

I just started posting videos today but I want to plan out a schedule.

I plan on releasing 2 vids my first day (Edit: already done), just so people have more than one thing to watch, and then consistently one vid per day after that.

I know that early on it's important just to start but I kinda want to start out right and to me that means having a semi-concrete schedule. I didn't have one for my first day but even so I want to start out "right" for all future days.

If you don't know of any tools or analytical sites then do you guys have any ideas on what times could work for me? I'm trying to avoid a Noon upload time as that's when a bunch of the bigger channels upload.

Thanks! Hopefully this thread becomes helpful to people besides just me!
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honestly, there is so much content out there that there is no "free space". you just need to pick a scheduled and stick with it. And make sure your videos stick out amonst the rest
Try for the morning or evening. It probably won't help with views, but at least that way your viewers can watch at their free times,
If you want to upload every day you should look at the time when your audience is
1. Awake
2. Not working
So, at noon or in the evening you will reach the most people. If you are looking at times when nobody else uploads that would be at 3-4am or something, but then almost everybody is asleep :) But I can see the sense in your reasoning, that because we are still small we need to find the bored people first :p
Don't worry about when you think there'll be audiences for your videos. There are people watching all the time. The most important part of an upload schedule is one that you can stick to. Yes, it helps slightly when you time to a certain part of the day, but honestly, it gets made up for the more you upload.
Thanks guys! I think I'll start aiming for the afternoons! Probably at 5 or 6 PM eastern time. Alternatively, according to my bitly links, my views that come from twitter seem to come from Germany. So I may end up aiming for their morning if this trend solidifies. I still need a bit more info on my audience first. :D