got a copyright strike :(

Well I guess you are out of luck if you don't have the rights to the music you included in your video.
Exept for the fact that no one will want to partner you after two strikes like that :( it happened to one of my friends

Yeah I am very careful next one cause I already lost one "13lunt420" since I was taken my old YouTube videos at 2007 over I STOLEN all videos from Facebook. Now I already taken my NEW YouTube "13lunt420Media" at Spring 2013 and make own my CRAZY DANGEROUS PRANK. :D
Yes, Zoomin will terminate your partnership unless you successfully appeal the copyright notice. This appeal is unlikely to succeed as the simple posting of a song does in no way add value to the original creation.
Monetization is the biggest factor, which is why I didn't bother partnering with any of the offers I've received. I use some anime music in my cosplay videos too and by not monetizing I've been able to get away with it.
uploaded an upcomming anime series opening song i love and got a strike

many features are disabled can i do something about it?

You're f*cked! You uploaded copyrighted material and violate Youtube and your network policy. This is maybe rude but what you did is just dumb. Never ever upload copyrighted content.