Gaming Gaming Collab 15+


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hello, today I am seing if anyone would like to collab on a video with me...
1.) must have a good microphone
2.)must not be a squeaker
3.) must have 100+ subs
4.)must make quality content

My channel is ItsMouz I am currently at 142 subs
and I am looking to make funny moments on csgo and gmod, but mainly csgo
so if you want to message me contact me on skype
my name is drainscopes but when it pops up it will say itsmouz
so yeah thanks!!
I qualify in 3 of the 4 requirements I am 15, I am not a squeaker, I make quality content (I put 6 hours of work into each of my videos), But I have almost 60 subs so I am getting there I don't know if we can work out something but message me on skype @ : Roz_Clear YT
im in all 4, my youtube is tylerharding69. I have not posted any videos in awhile but im starting to now, I have over 400subs im 17years old. im a funny gut to play with in a game but can be shy at first but maybe after a game or two ill be good lol.