Does youtube count views on forum?


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Jan 19, 2013
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Yes, you are right. I forgot to mention that my vBulletin forum is cloud-based, and the cloud forum software does not have the option to embed (insert html), which means that it needs to be manually inserted by the webmaster.

If a forum software is not cloud-based (installed directly on the server), and has an option to embed html, then as long as people remember to use the "embed" code (not the "share" code), the views will register.[DOUBLEPOST=1512383655,1512382940][/DOUBLEPOST]

Users on my forum use the "share" code, since the forum doesn't allow embedding, and all videos played on my forum register no views. That's when I started to research the difference between the "share" code and the "embed" code, because obviously I want the views to register.

If people are using the "share" code on YTTalk and the played videos are registering views, then that is a good thing. :)
Views when you use the share button all it does is give you a link to the video, views on that register. Maybe you mean something else? Cuz any view that goes through YouTube will register as long as it's deemed to be legit.