Does gaming video earn less?


Just wondering, as title says. I have a gaming channel with solid roughly 10k subs, got about 600 videos; I also have a minor music channel, a little more than 1k subs with less than 50 videos. I can't help but noticed that the revenue generated from my music channel is roughly the same, and some times slightly higher than my gaming channel.

I can't really understanding this. My gaming channel's top 10 videos this month have from 1k views up to 3k views, with watch time ranging from 1k mins to 6k mins, but only 1 video have earned a little over 1$, the rest are under. On the other hand, my music channel (doesn't even have that many uploads), the top 3 videos under 2k views with around 6k mins watch time, have made about 5$ each. This somehow raised my awareness and question, does gaming video earn less? Is it easier for music video (just music and a background, not movie/film) to generate more revenue? And if someone had experience on why your videos are watched but have relatively low revenue?
there are so many factors that ad revenue depends on such as do people click on the ads? do they watch the entire video? do they skip the ad? do they buy something by clicking the ad? there are so much more, but these are a few factors, some channels will just get more ad revenue
Different genres pay differently, but I would also look to see where in the world those views are coming from and what demographic is watching.