1. AllVisuals4U

    Howto & Style or Education?

    Hello YTtalkers, I create tutorials about 3D Printing & Design and i'd like to know which category is the best for this kind of videos: Howto & Style or Education? Does this make much difference in how videos are ranked and found? I'd like to hear what you think about it!
  2. Adventure Campitelli

    Video Category

    I have a adventure/travel channel. Which category would work best with my vids, Travel and Events or People and Blogs?
  3. AllVisuals4U

    'How To And Style' or 'Education'

    Hi there, I'm creating video tutorials, but what's the best video category for my content? Should i use 'How To And Style' or 'Education'? Does it make much difference? Currently i'm using 'How To And Style' for all my videos.
  4. angietalksalot

    Changing the Category of Your YouTube Channel

    Hey YTTalkers! I know this is probably a really dumb question, but how do I change the category of my YouTube Channel? I know how to do it for my individual videos, but not for my overall channel. I made my channel 6 years ago and put it into a category that I no longer want it in, if anyone...
  5. Pizza Thom

    Categories - how do i choose the right?

    hello everyone, I just created a YouTube channel and uploaded some pizza videos. However, can't find any information about choosing the right category. How do I know under what categories I should upload my videos? And what happens if it is the wrong category? I hope you can help me :) thanks
  6. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  7. ColbzVlogz

    How do I fix this!??!

    What's going on everyone. So I'm going to get right into the point of this. When I open youtube and scroll down, 3 of my vlogs are showing up under the "Car Category" as you can see in the picture with the red outlines. Why is that?? My category is entertainment, but I originally started my...
  8. P

    Does gaming video earn less?

    Just wondering, as title says. I have a gaming channel with solid roughly 10k subs, got about 600 videos; I also have a minor music channel, a little more than 1k subs with less than 50 videos. I can't help but noticed that the revenue generated from my music channel is roughly the same, and...
  9. C

    Which is better a variety channel or multiple channels?

    I'm trying to figure out whether I should put all my content on this channel or make another channel for content that are in different categories. Is it fine to do this or would you suggest creating another channel? I would like to hear ya'll's thoughts on this. I'd like it if you vote, and...
  10. RockyTopBros

    What Category do my videos fit in?

    I really want to know what kind of category my videos are I usually just put "other" plz halp
  11. ImSlugs

    What have you all been really liking on YouTube lately?

    I'm curious to know whats been really popular with many of you here? It'd be nice to know so i can find new great content myself to enjoy and also maybe to try out myself lol, but also i want to conversate with the peoples LMAO OK cheers peeps