do youtubers with autism get hate/judged/bullied? (please give advice! wanting to make vids but afraid)

Yeah heaters gonna hate but if you can look beyond it, it is mostly just morons trolling.
I was streaming one day & this guy came in to the stream (I think it was Bloodborne) & he was like "YOU SUCK, Get off!" I laughed & said "Bro, I'm 6'2 240 lbs, I'm far too big & strong to be belittled by you. Thanks for watching & participating in the stream :)" the guy laughed & said "Alright, you got a new subscriber."
SO either ignore it and if you feel a way about it, you also have the option to flag the person's account. The other thing is, if people see that sort of behavior, they will jump on them.
I hope that helps you with your decision. don't let others rule your life.
Great luck bro.