Do you think it's hard to start a new YouTube channel now ?

Yes, it is hard to get noticed because of the endless amount of accounts created each day. But if you are trying to make it big on youtube, the chances are very slim. Spend more time focusing on creating good content and having fun than worrying about making it big.
It was definitely easier to start back when Youtube was just beginning. However, it is still quite doable. All it takes is motivation and something to separate yourself from the rest. If you stand out people will find you =)
If you never give up, and try your hardest it is doable! Even if you don't get big, if your having fun, then there's no reason to stop!
It's hard, but doable. However, it is extra hard when you have the kind of show that feels just like everyone else. If I was planning a gaming channel I wouldn't choose certain games that would never get me ranked high in search. I wouldn't do this because of saturation. Minecraft and COD come to mind. If you are going to do those two right now you better f'in bring it. I would research games with a lot of global searches and low to medium keywords and do a let's play on those. I think when starting a channel now you just have to be a little smarter or savvy with it than those people back in the day. Luckily the tools are out there (like YTtalk strategies and techniques stickys) ebooks, but heck yeah it's hard work, but like I said before it's doable.
I started our channel three months ago and it's going strong.

Be original, unique, innovate, provide value to your subscriber.. You can't expect people to watch your videos if they aren't all or most of those as they'll find the content elsewhere!
Hmmm, I dont know why but I got partnered within my first month with RPM ;) I would say that you need 30+ subs and 300+ daily views, you also need to upload regulary :D