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so I pretty much think I got the fundamentals of a successful YouTube channel. Thumbnails, titles descriptions you know the whole nine. However I don't get comments not even one and if I do it's a spam comment. I'm doing what's suggested ask questions, tell your audience to comment blah blah. I know my views are not high but to have over 200 subs and no one comments is strange to me. Or maybe this is normal someone please give me some advice on this
I think it depends on the type of channel. A video that may be controversial or political in nature is more likely to get comments then say something that is more subtle. Ive been at my channel for a year and a half and I have exactly 100 comments, which is actually more then I expected. I can easily go 2-3 weeks without a single comment then get 3 or 4 in one day after I upload a video. Just works that way.
I started the same way, then i got a build up, just from time to time i do get comments. I have a challenge type channel, so people always have something to say, good or bad. I guess it depends on your content.
Um, I mean when I had a few hundred subscribers I mostly only got comments on my videos that did well. I'm at 3,000 and I still only get like 10-15 max from other people on a given video within a week. If the video is popular I will rack up more over time, but like in 24 hours after upload I don't really get that many. One thing I've noticed that helps with comments are when I do daily uploads it tends to get a notification squad going who will show up and do the "first", "second", "third" kind of thing. I know that's silly but once you can get some people who come back for every single video and who you interact with a lot you will get more consistent comments.

I play a mobile game on my channel right now and I have a clan in game with people from my channel. I talk with them in there and then they feel more comfortable with leaving comments on the videos I think, or just more invested in the channel. Also when I do a specific video request often the person who requested I'll mention them and they'll comment on the video saying thanks and stuff, maybe starting a conversation. That's one good thing about doing requests is that it builds a bond with subscribers. Once you have some regulars, then leaving a question in the comments will be more effective I think.

Most of my vids under 100 views have a couple of comments at most, and your vid that got 2k views did get some comments so naturally more views will also help you get more comments.
I have videos with thousands of views, even hundreds of thousands with just few to almost no comments and it's pretty normal as I see it. Many of the viewers are either watching the videos embedded on some forum or social media site, so they discuss the video where it is shared (I saw this happens a lot), or they just don't speak/know the language and they can't participate in the video comment section. Or watching from mobile device where posting comment is harder than from computer. If you are getting views, you shouldn't worry about getting comments. You videos are impacting the viewers and they are watching them that's more important. Personally, I prefer single on topic comment, than ten one word comments like "first", "dork", "u mad bro?", etc...
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im similar Hirudov, many people do not leave comments on my videos when they have over a thousand views. i believe it to be because my channel is arabic however its easily translatable through google and i am very fluent in english to be able to respond to feedback. However, the cartoons i use on my channel are mostly non-verbal, so all children of every language can enjoy my content!
I think when it comes to comments it's more dependent on the number of people that have watched your videos than the number of subscribers you have. So there's no need to worry if you get 10 or 20 views and no comments but if you're getting like 2000 views and no comments, then that's highly concerning. Don't worry about it too much just yet. As your channel grows, I'm sure more and more people will start commenting :)