youtube 200

  1. King Munch

    Anyone There?

    Is there any animators on here?
  2. King Munch

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible for me to reach 200 subscribers in a month if i already have 100?
  3. Amber lynx

    Do I have “IT” or nah?

    I’m in my head a lot. In the YT business you see ppl blow up left and right. You begin to wonder are you doing something wrong. 1 part of me is like it takes time for greatness to be discovered. The other part is like you’re wasting your time. I know everything comes with time but in this...
  4. Amber lynx

    Vlogger with no life

    I love the idea of vlogging. However right now I pretty much work and do YouTube with a few exceptions of doing the everyday mundane things like shopping and meeting up with friends ect. But I feel like unless I have something to do my vlogs are lifeless. I wanna spice them up or make them...
  5. Amber lynx

    How to Stand out

    I have the idea of bringing what people make into deprecate channel mine is all in one. The common theme is weed. I’m just trynna figure out how to stand out more I know I have the personality but I figure there is something I could be doing.
  6. Amber lynx

    Comment or nah

    so I pretty much think I got the fundamentals of a successful YouTube channel. Thumbnails, titles descriptions you know the whole nine. However I don't get comments not even one and if I do it's a spam comment. I'm doing what's suggested ask questions, tell your audience to comment blah blah. I...
  7. Amber lynx

    Loose some/ gaine some

    just wondering if Fluctuation with subscribers is normal as a small channel? I recently declared this as passion and dream job. I was getting wrapped up in loosing subs not understanding if I did something wrong or if it's from my sub for sub days just coming back to collect.
  8. Rolz

    Fidget Spinners IO! I couldn't resist XD

    First Slither then Agar, and now its Fidget spinners or! With all the hype around these things I could not resist! Arrrgggh its so addictive :D If you watch my video it'll be over for you, you'll become proceed with caution! ;) I'm en route to 200 SUBS so don't feel shy...
  9. BrandyKoopa

    200 subs

    Whoop! finally hit 200 on youtube! One step closer to the 1K mark I wan't to hit before January 2018! Thank you all so much for the support it means the world to me!