Channel trailers?

Oscar J Stones

I've Got It
I've recently started a new channel, and I basically just make video essays (I'm thinking of starting a podcast but that's a whole other story). What I'm wondering is, especially since my videos (or video) don't exactly lend themselves very easily to a channel trailer, should I just use my best video (so far) as a channel trailer, or should I make one?
Channel trailers IMO are always a great way to attract some viewers.
Thinking about doing one myself soon
I'd personally would take a freshly made video (not already existing one and THEN made as a trailer) more seriously as your viewer, for me it would seem more professional. I think re-doing your already existing content in a trailer friendly way, re-edited as a presentation, like a whole new video is also a good alternative. Best of luck :)
I am in the middle of possibly creating a channel trailer or my channel as I never had one before and I wanna make sure Its great.

I am personally thinking of creating an entirely new video made up of old clips, new clips and clips of things I plan to do in the future along with some nice music and my own voice over, editied down to about 30 seconds at MOST.
I am making a channel trailer that I plan on updating quarterly as my content changes or to indicate what plans I have for the channel to bring in more prospective subs. I think that it does a lot to initially grab a user into your channel. I plan on adding a bit of music in the back ground and either clips or some graphics.