1. Oscar J Stones

    Channel trailers?

    I've recently started a new channel, and I basically just make video essays (I'm thinking of starting a podcast but that's a whole other story). What I'm wondering is, especially since my videos (or video) don't exactly lend themselves very easily to a channel trailer, should I just use my best...
  2. Miss Meowlina

    Copyright flagging trailer review help ?

    I wanted to seek some advice for my boy who was recently flagged as a starting youtuber... He did a monetized thoughts/reactions video of the Deadpool 2 trailer and was flagged by Fox for violated copyright... But we were both under the impression that trailers and clips could be used if they...
  3. ShawnMcCallum


    My Channel Just Reached 7000 Views and I made a new Trailer to Celebrate the progress! Thanks to everyone who's given it a look. Cheers!
  4. SeanFace101

    Whats your Channel Trailer like? ... What is in it?

    What have you put in your video for your channel trailer? What sort of things have you said in it? I want to make one but not sure what to do in it. :P Also, whats the best length for the trailer video?
  5. O

    channel trailer

    How come I don't see any famous YouTubers with trailers on their channels? I even logged out of my account so I would make sure to see them. I thought trailers were the thing that got people to subscribe.
  6. kluless

    Is Using Trailers Fair Use? How to Credit

    Hey, guys, I have a gaming channel, and I wanted to do a comparison between the first in a series (Dishonored) and its sequel (Dishonored 2). I think using the trailer of the second game, Dishonored 2, in my video would fall under the Fair Use policy because it makes sense that I need it to make...