Are you new to Youtube? How was your first year!?

I started in June this year. It was really great. It was very spontaneous, hadn't given it much though. I wanted a place to share some of my dive videos, and it ended up taking a new life.
I started off with weekly uploads, but it became very exhausting, so now I do fortnightly uploads and getting into a good rhythm.
I wish I had used social media like instagram better. I started using it 3 months ago to promote my channel, and its been really good.
I still have yet to get a hang of twitter.

Originally it was pretty much gopro footage (the first 9 videos), eventually my sister leant me her canon dslr, and I started doing more commentaries and instructional videos. Its a constant learning curve.

My channel is based on a hobby, so it always takes second place. I'm just hoping I can do more freediving in 2018 and hoping the weather holds up over the Summer.

How bout you? what are you answers to your questions?

Hey sorry about the late response, I posted this and then went of vacation.

I started YouTube because I saw the content out and was inspired to start making my own.

I really didn't know what to expect but I'm happy about the way things have gone so far.

I promote my stuff on facebook, twitter, and insta. I make an effort to tweet my favorite creators when they drop videos, in addition to youtube comments of course.
Sometimes I post of Reddit, but I don't think there is really a point, at least for me. Looking at the numbers Facebook drives most of my traffic.

Id say that my biggest challenge is keeping up with the algorithm, but it is also a blessed because it keeps me motivated and focused. As a movie reviewer I need to keep up with the latest films, and make sure that I have videos up while they are relevant.

I love Youtube and I dream about making better vids in 2018!
I started youtube in about march this year. I guess my channel's done pretty (i got 50 subs) well but I was still hoping for better (I was going for 100). Either way a good year becuase I learned lots and know how to approach youtube better next year.
I started three months ago and I now have eight videos under my belt.

This stuff is not easy to do. I'm seeing progress in the past eight videos that I've done. I'm also seeing that I have a long way to go in terms of how I can improve.

It really is a lot like learning an art, isn't it?
i started in January of last year and did fairly decent. approaching 3k subs and have had a couple videos hit over 10k views. My goal is to have 10k subs by the end of 2018
I'm coming up on a year of content creating in February, and it's certainly been an interesting ride.

More or less I make videos for myself, and hope as a by product others get something out of it. I earned some subs & people who seem to be interested in what I create, and for now that's good enough for me :thumbsup2:
Even though it wasn't my first year (was my 4th year) my channel is still growing at the rate of a new channel, so I guess I get to comment here.
I started my channel on October 14, 2017. I've now got 6 sub4sub (down from 8 a week ago), 1670 views. Currently averaging 29 views per day. Social blade projects my yearly views is +10.3K. I am confident that I can prove them very wrong. ;)
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I started June of 2017, and I hit my goal of 50 subs before the end of the year, and actually just made it to 70 a week into January! I feel like I'm growing pretty slowly, but I'm also in the style/ beauty genre of YouTube which is highly saturated with content creators. But for a personal goal, I now upload 2 times a week and have been doing so consistently for about a month and a half, so I'm pretty proud of myself! :D