1. Jared Poirier

    Are you new to Youtube? How was your first year!?

    Hey guys, Now that its the end of December I was wondering how creators who started in 2017 are doing. Did you meet your goals? Did you do better than you thought? What were the challenges? What strategies did you guys utilize?
  2. E

    Comedy Professional marketer newly gone YT - Need video makers

    Hey guys so i recently started a new community channel and i am looking for some content for it and right now i am looking for some people that are doing all sort of videos to post on my channel it is best if the videos are Humor based but if the videos are good quality then i am willing to take...
  3. Mr.raspberryxd

    ANNOYING @SS NEIGHBOR!!!! (Hello Neighbor alpha 3)

    alpha test 3 this is the most recent one so i hope you guys enjoy this fustrating game XD If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  4. Mr.raspberryxd


    ITS THE SUPER MAN GLITCH!!! [Hello Neighbor:Alpha testing] This glitch got me so p****d off rn..... like I cant be doing this!! Thank you everyone who spent their time watching my video! tell me what u think
  5. The Cold Abyss

    My Channel Introduction/ Trailer!

    Hello and welcome to my channel trailer! :wavespin: I am a fighting game fanatic. :help: So what better way to express this than a little montage of some awesome moments? :cool: I upload games like Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter 5. I post combo tutorials, informative guides, gameplays, and...
  6. AkradonGaming


    Hello all, Names Akradon. I've been here before but under another channel. That channel kinda died a death, so now I'm back with another one trying to build myself back up again. I have a few videos up on my channel already, so would love it if anyone would give me pointers, hints and tips on...
  7. S

    Review request

    Hello, I'm a new member as you can probably guess. I'm a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with bath bombs, candles and YouTube. I started a channel and the videos aren't that good but I'm learning as I go. I would love some feedback in areas I could improve. I know sound and lighting definitely...
  8. Rektolodeon

    Gaming Overwatch Collaboration

    Hello and thank your for coming to this post. I want to do a Overwatch collaboration where we basically will just play some games together. If possible I would like this to be a multiple time occurrence and we can always debate times and such over Skype. (If you are interested please reply...