Elissa Jordan

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Hey guys!

My name is Elissa and I thought I'd pose this question to all of you because it's something I've been thinking about: are niches limiting to creators?

I am a person all about creativity and creating content you want to create. If you don't believe in what you do, who else will? Every person it seems like, when talking about fast channel growth, talk about the idea of niches. For those who don't know, a niche is a specialized category for the content you create (ex. cooking youtuber, gaming youtuber, vlogger, etc). It is a lot cleaner if you stay within your niche and most people say that you won't get as many subscribers if you go out of your niche. It seems like a rule that is self-explanatory, but...

Doesn't that limit us as creators? If we always have to stay within our niche, where is the experimenting? What if you want to do more than one thing? It seems silly to make a billion different channels for all the different things you want to do. So what do you do? Is being in only one niche so important do a subscriber?

Comment your thoughts below because I want to know what you think!
It depends on what you want from YouTube. I cover what I call interesting News. Things like Science, tech,archaeology, space stuff. Basically anything I find interesting that isn't politics or pop. I look for an audience that would watch more educational kind of stuff. I find that if I attract a few subs with a video on say self driving car tech I will lose one or two if my next video is on the newest archaeological find. I feel like I am in my niche of interesting stuff but to the people who subscribe they just want car videos or archaeology videos. I am looking to grow and unfortunately I feel there are several types of story I shouldn't cover like environmental, computer science and archaeology.The ones that do well seem to be automotive,space,gadgets and weird tech.
Does this stifle my creativity, yes, but I am scared to change it up because I fear a mass exodus. So to answer you question of is niche important yes, yes it is because even though I thought I was in a niche of people who like to learn and see new things I found that is too varied for a lot of people.Because of this I plan on starting a second channel for my weight loss and a third for my animation series I am looking to start.