Beauty/Makeup Anybody want to do a collab?


My channel is pretty small at the moment but I'm trying to grow it which is why I'm here. I post a lot of makeup/beauty related videos, as well as storytimes and would love to do a collab with anyone whose content is similar to mine!
I would like to collab! I don't have a beauty channel but I have an idea where we can both promote each other. You can make a video with a make up or hair look that you think would look good on me, and just mention me in your video. Then, when I go to film a youtube video I will fallow your tutorial and recreate your look and tell all my views that the look I'm wearing was designed by you and to go check your channel out.

What do you think?
I have the same kind of channel as you! I do beauty videos, story times, and even challenges. I would love to collab :) I'd also love to be friends!