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50 SUBS in the first month ! 1st Recap.


Liking YTtalk
So I logged in this morning to see that I just hit the 50 subs :D All in all have almost 7k views as well.

I've been doing this whole Youtube thingy for about a month now and I must say that it's the best hobby I ever had :D

It started off pretty awkward but I think I get more and more confident with each day :)
I haven't told anyone except my girlfriend yet that I do what I do and I think I will keep it that way the next time.

I already had to deal with some trolls but ignoring them turned out to be the best strategy.

Nonetheless it was an awesome time so far and I think some part of the fun I have is thanks to you guys here on the forum :) I enjoy discussing or reviewing your topics and videos a lot and it helps me improve my channel :)

To the next 50 :D
See ya.