50 subs

  1. HuonTheHunter

    50+ subs!

    I recently just hit 50 subs, and am now on 56! My next goal is to get 75, then 100, and I believe that i can achieve that before the year is over!!
  2. PhysicsFreak101

    Two Birds with One Stone

    Hey, I saw how much positiving is going around on this forum, and I kinda wanted to join in XD. I hit 50 subs a few days ago, and it's only taken me three months, which is much better compared to my previous channels. I also have 1.7k Watch Time Minutes, and 847 views! I'm excited for the future...
  3. Chicken Tendies

    Milestone Video

    A few days ago we hit 50 subs and I am really happy about that but should I make a milestone video? What do you people think?
  4. Chicken Tendies

    Reached 50 subs! Yay!

    Jeez that took a long time. It took us over a year and a bit but we finally did it. Next 100, hopefully doesn't take another year.
  5. Alexis Claudio Music

    I have reached 50 Subscribers!

    I know this is not a huge milestone but I am proud of little goals accomplished. I want to thank the Youtube Talk Community for helping me since the start. I know that this is a small step that will lead me to a bigger one. Since I started other Youtubers, I fell in love with content creation...
  6. BrandyKoopa

    50 subs woo

    Finally I reached 50 subs I hope I can get 100 subs next
  7. Raid MusicHD

    I am in 50 Subs

    Hi everyone, Finally I reached 50 subs with 3.5 K views. I am lucky that there are few people like my content. I hope I can get 100 subs before new year :) now #roadto100subs
  8. Dutchie Abroad

    50 facts about me || Get to know me!

    It's a bit of a ramble, but hé, you try and tell 50 things about yourself! xD Very happy to have passed 50 subs (and now even the 65!)! Thank you all =D
  9. Samira

    50 Subs!!!

    I'm so excited that I hit 50 subs !!! I got home on that day and just wanted to film a 50 sub special I am so excited when the video uploads (which has been scheduled ) It took me a year to get here but now I have a feeling a got the ball rolling slowly :) I only just recently started to...
  10. D

    Gaming Colab?

    My channel is: DPT DanielPlayz C and P Into Youtube I will record minecraft and other games with people that have 50+ subscribers and 14 years old +
  11. Dayn Brian

    Just Hit 50 Subs

    Okay guys the title says it all.I just hit my first 50 subs and I'm super hyped. I hope this will be the beginning of a strong bond between me and my viewers. I also hope that there's more to come!! Although it seems like small to other bigger youtubers,this significant amount means a lot to...
  12. Teknickel 10

    50 subs! Advice from here?

    Hey guys, 50 subs is small but it feels kind of cool that 50 random people want to tune in each week to listen to me and my friends play video games and make goofy comments. It started as simply a way to learn video editing and photoshop but now I have all these ideas and goals to chase so it...
  13. CDOD

    I hit 50!!

    I just wanted to create a quick thread!!! I am so thankful for all you guys out there who helped me achieve my 50 subscribers! I know some of you are think, pfff 50 subs but this does mean a lot and took me ages to get. So I am grateful. Thanks once again, CDOD
  14. ProtonRadz

    50 Subs :)

    Super Happy, It's been hard but with little knowledge of Youtube I feel like I'm doing an awesome job!

    50 SUBS in the first month ! 1st Recap.

    So I logged in this morning to see that I just hit the 50 subs :D All in all have almost 7k views as well. I've been doing this whole Youtube thingy for about a month now and I must say that it's the best hobby I ever had :D It started off pretty awkward but I think I get more and more...
  16. MitchKFrancis

    You Gotta Start Somewhere

    Tonight, as I was sitting in my room watching a Resident Evil 7 speed run livestream and studying for my Physiology quiz, I took a quick peek at my youtube channel. I do this often because I am obsessed with monitoring how my channel is doing at any given time. Anyway, so I glanced at my channel...
  17. Migueloooche

    Just hit 50 Subs! :D

    Wow this feels awesome, I can't wait to grow my fanbase to 100 (: I do countdowns, fact videos, and reaction videos :D
  18. chrispcgaming

    50 SUBS & 7,500 VIEWS

    The channel is now two months old and its been growing pretty good. Just put up a 50 subscriber special too.
  19. A

    I finally hit 50 subscribers!

    I finally hit 50 subscribers!!! I actually hit 50 earlier today and I was just waiting for it to show up in my channel's about section. It finally did, but now I'm at 51 instead lol. Anyway, 50 might not be a lot but I've actually worked really hard to get to this point. And it took quite a...
  20. Jack Swish

    50 SUBS

    OOOOOOH WERE HALF WAY THERE! So happy to hit this milestone :D
  21. ItsMeRich

    50 subs!!!!

    I have finally made it to 50 subscribers!! It took me about 3 months and I can't wait to reach 100 subs
  22. chillion


    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 50 SUBSCRIBERS! It's taken me a while to reach it, and it's been pretty hard but this is a big milestone for me because it means I'm getting somewhere! I hope to get 100 subs by the end of this year, and 50 subs means I'm half way! thank you everyone and thank you in...
  23. Nutella

    Gaming Im looking to do a Xb1 collab on BO3, possibly a 1v1 (50+ subs)

    DM me on twitter @itsNutellaa
  24. Nutella

    I HIT 50 SUBS!!!!!

    I finally hit my first milestone of 50 subs, i cant wait till i make my way towards 100. thank you everyone on the forums for always being there and helping when i needed it the most. :)
  25. Jacadamia

    50 subs in a week! Thank you!

    Just made it to 50 subscribers! Holy cow this is amazing! Haha, now I really need to get out my next video -U- Thanks everyone! A new animation is coming sooooon!
  26. Trombinator

    I Just Passed 50 Subs?!?!?

    My mind is currently blown away right now. I have only been making videos for barely a week and I'm already almost that close to 100. It is absolutely insane to see how fast the channel is growing and I can not find the words to express my gratitude to my viewers :3
  27. spektronomy

    50 SUBS! Not so many... or is it?

    God that is amazing. I mean, from perspective of an experienced Youtuber 50 subs is barely anything, but well, it's a number that finally counts, right? I'm super pumped(not that I'm ever not pumped)! It took me 2 damn months to achieve this, but I'm happy. It's not the best growth in the world...
  28. S

    I Reached fifty Subscribers, in three weeks. I also have two hundred views!

    Fifty subscribers. Does fifty subscribers look or sound like a lot? No not really. It is a lot different when they look up to your videos though. Imagine fifty people that like you, that is how I feel. Thank you everybody who has been there. I have worked hard on my videos and will continue...
  29. HyDraid

    50+ Subscribers in 5 hours

    I just started my channel and it already got 50+ Subscribers :O I didn't expect that at all but I'm really happy with that :) I hope I will reach 100 Subscribers fast :p
  30. MAK

    Can't believe I actually hit 50 SUBS! :D

    I have been uploading for a month, and it really didn't start off with a boom, I didn't exactly know what I wanted to upload and from there things have been falling into place and working out for the best. Now I have 50 subs, and I am already overly excited about hitting the next 50 :D