50 subs

  1. LB Designs

    Just Hit 50 Subs! Free Banner Giveaway At 100!!!

    Hey guys, so i just hit 50 subscribers and am quite buzzing, ive only been uploading for like 2 months and did not expect to hit it this quick. So i have decided i am not going t do anything for this milestone due to being quite busy with graphics but when i get to 100 i will be doing a free...
  2. PsySpy Gaming

    50 Subs!

    Heyo everyone! I just wanted to make the announcement that I reached 50 (plus a few) subs via a collab that I did with Sam KIA. It has officially doubled my subs from earlier in the day which was at 27. So I'm super excited to get back up in those numbers. I was a bit discouraged when I lost a...
  3. Kamikaze

    1 year, 50 subs and over 3,250 views!

    I cant believe I stuck with YouTube and got this far! I know 50 subs isn't a lot, but to me it is a huge amount. Also, over 3,250 views! Its insane :) Anyway, onwards and upwards I guess :D
  4. Jawad Soomro


    I made 50 subs within 5 months. I love you all who supported me in my YouTube journey. I hope that I will make 100 subs very soon. Thank you everyone.
  5. BrunosWorld

    50 subs! Weekly updates!

    Youtube obviously takes hard work to get these subscribers! I love making videos and there's people with millions of subscribers out there and 50 seems like a huge achievement so yeah haha. I love making and editing my videos, people find it weird wen i whip out my camera lol, and start filming...
  6. VoidTranceYT

    We Hit That 50 Sub Mark!

    Its great to see that over 50 people want to see my videos and content. Playing and making informational as well as funny Call of Duty Videos has been a passion for quite a while and now that I can do it the overwhelming support is absolutely great Thank You YTTalk! Maybe I will see you on my...
  7. Kyleibrium

    Just broke 50 SUBS! I will be making a special video later this week!

    Excited to hit this first road-mark on my way to 100. It's been exciting making videos and watching the community grow. Everyone has been so supportive and always there to give feedback and I'm tankful for everyone's help. Hope the community continues to grow over 2016 and maybe I can work with...
  8. ItsJavoi

    50 subs in just over a werk

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  9. K2TheLer

    50 Subs In A Few Weeks!!

    I'm so excited to reach 50 subscribers in only a few short weeks, and I'm so grateful for everybody that has subscribed. I know that 50 isn't a lot for about a month but because of the topic of gaming being so common I like to think that is pretty good? I hope so at least. Anyways I'm thinking...
  10. xDrizy

    50 Subscriber's In Less Then A Month!

    I Am Overly Happy For Everyone That Has Stopped In & Check Out My Channel And Left Some Feedback On My Video's & Even Subscribed! As Of Right Now I'm At 63 Subscribers & I'm Trying To Reach 100 Before Christmas To Give Me Some Extra Motivation! If You Want To Check Out My Channel Feel Free Too &...
  11. M

    | 50 Subs! YAY! |

    Happy day! We have finally reached 50 subs! We now have a community about the size of a MacDonald's on a good day! Huzzah! But that's only step one. Soon, we will have enough subscribers to fill up a public school classroom (according to Mitt Romney anyway)! 100 subscribers! (Please don't hate...
  12. Onister


    i hit 1000 views!!!! Thanks to everyone that came over from yttalk for helping me reach my goal of 1000 views!
  13. LionWaffles

    50!!!! subs!

    YEAHHHHH BOISSSSSS! I MADE IT TO 50 SUBS! But really, its awesome! thanks so much guys! Im gonna make a vid! sadly im on a trip now but im at the airport so I can go back home!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!