5 Haunted Roads Across the US!!!

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I focus on strange and weird content, often delving into the paranormal and supernatural side of things. One of my favorite series to do is a top 5 list, though mine often don't compete against one another for ranking, just simply is a list.
If you're interested in that type of content please feel free to check it out. Attached is the most recent installment, where we talk about haunted roads in the US. Any feedback or discussion would be appreciated as well.

5 more haunted roads across the United States, once more we dive back into some of the strangest and most haunted locations across the United States and the World. Tackling some of the roads, streets, and highways that hold ghost stories and strange creatures that roam the region. Phantom hitchhikers, werewolf-like creatures, and heartbroken spirits, regardless of what may be lurking in the night, be sure to be careful on the road and don't pull over for any strange women dressed in white during the middle of the night...