1. Realm Unknown

    Other Looking for People to Collab With [Paranormal Stuff]

    So, I guess I fall under the "other" category, which kind of stinks since I consider myself a mix of Education and Entertainment. But nonetheless, I am a paranormal and supernatural based channel that talks about all the weird and strange things that go bump in the night. It's super super hard...
  2. Realm Unknown

    5 Haunted Roads Across the US!!!

    I focus on strange and weird content, often delving into the paranormal and supernatural side of things. One of my favorite series to do is a top 5 list, though mine often don't compete against one another for ranking, just simply is a list. If you're interested in that type of content please...
  3. JOLAtheCOLA

    Our comedy channels review!

    Me and my partner in crime have worked on these videos for almost 6 months! Now at last we have finally launched our channel! Please help us! Could you give us your opinion about our first video? - Was the story good? - Did our video make you laugh? - How was the quality? Here is our video...
  4. MCRobotNinja

    Voice Acting I am looking for anyone who can voice act/talk in videos for my channel.

    Hey what's up? I am looking for anyone (male or female) who can be good at voice acting or speaking. I do my YouTube videos on the paranormal, supernatural, and alien stuff. If you are interested the requirements are below :)...
  5. Jareditton

    So, I wanna make a romance / light hearted comedy

    I'm not sure weather to make episodes of it, or possibly a short film, but I want to make even the manliest of men cry at it. Like, have any of you have seen the anime Clannad, and Clannad After Story? If so and if not, I want my movie to grab people and rip them inside out and make them cry...