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  1. Edwindesign

    Services Cheap High Quality Banners / Thumbnails (*****)5 stars RATED

    Hello guys, I'm Edwin, a 21 years old graphic designer from Romania, I am here to deliver the best quality to everyone who is looking to get a job done by me. I can do a great looking banner for your channel, or any type of clickbait thumbnail!My prices are really affordable: -3 Youtube...
  2. F-undament

    Services CHEAP - YouTube banner, thumbnail and profile picture service!

    Portfolio (more previous work incoming)
  3. KantoGaming

    Tacky thumbnails

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my channel and tell me if my new thumbnail style looks tacky. I have some white borders around the test and bright colors. Idk why but I get a tacky feel for them. If you look at some of my previous thumbnails they are very clean...
  4. KantoGaming

    New thumbnails

    Hey tubers! I have been changing the way I make my thumbnails in my last couple of videos. I did a lot of research and I read that simple is better. So I've been making them bigger and brighter, with one word text. Opinions? You can see my old thumbnails on the channel too to compare
  5. Dollebob

    Make Quick Good looking Thumbnails With This Easy Tool/App ! Try it out yourself :)

    Hey if you want to make some quick good looking thumbnail, you should try this tool/app :D Its Fast, Simple, Quick and you can make some really good ones. It aint Photoshop, but can be a great help for those without :) Hope its usefull I cant post link. Thumbnail Generator: You can search...
  6. JeggiTV

    Is my video thumbnail any good? Be honest.

    I used Photoshop to create my thumbnails. It's a gaming video about a Super Nintendo game called Pocky and Rocky. I don't know if this thumbnail is attractive enough to get viewers. What do you think? Thanks.
  7. Artekis

    Services Affordable Channel art! First Free!

    I am willing to create custom channel art for you as well as custom youtube thumbnails for your videos!! I will use any photos you want as well as any words and colors for the channel art! This is the channel art I have made for my own channel using all of my own photos. I hope you like my...
  8. GrottedGoofy

    Services Affordable High Quality Graphics Branding - Banners, Profile Pics, Thumbnails Overlays and more

    Hey guys Nathan or GrottedGoofy here I'm a young graphics designer currently studding art and design at school. Design has been a big passion of mine for 7 or so years now...
  9. Jawad Soomro


    MS Powerpoint is the easiest software ever to produce best thumbnails. MS Paint is additional software used for screen capture. You don't need to watch huge tutorial videos to learn this technique. Its pretty simple and easy and I make sure that this video is simple enough for you to learn...
  10. Starfox

    Youtube banner and Thumbnail issues

    Hey guys, So I am trying to create a youtube cover banner and I am using the correct dimensions advised when creating the picture in photoshop (2560 x 1440 pixels) but what happens is instead of having my banner show up as the first pic below here It shows up as I do understand that...
  11. Starfox

    How do I edit a video thumbnail picture with me pasted in it?

    Hi guys as the title says, How exactly do I edit videos so that I can cut out myself from a recording and paste it onto any other background, like you see time and time again on youtube video thumbnails. Here are some examples. Is it simply cutting images out using photoshop or? A Youtube...