youtube problems

  1. AudreyHorne

    Video Freezing and Playback issues?

    Hello, I'm having a serious problem trying to playback two 007 music videos that I uploaded this morning. The video plays and then freezes but the audio continuously plays as the video remains frozen. What could have caused this problem?
  2. AZOZ

    My Youtube is broken

    Hello So, I'm content creator on YouTube, and I've been being doing it for quite some times. Before hitting 10K views I was already in youtube partnership but I wasn't getting ads on my channel nor direct E-mail contact with the support line. So that was the problem their but it's didn't matter...
  3. Malasia


    Am I the only one who's noticed that youtube has changed its channel banner size along with the layout of youtube all together? It took me 6 hours to make my banner, mainly because of sizing and im a perfectionist and now it's cut off and I have to redo it :crying::crying::crying::(:poop:
  4. CavemanApocalypse

    Anyone Having This Problem?

    Hello all! I have realized that on YouTube when you go to your Video Manager and then click edit video, that it classes as a view. Is this normal and is everyone else having the same thing happen to them? Thank you for reading, Connor
  5. Its Ryan


    There are these people on youtube that always say that they subbed and that I should sub back when the only thing they did was spam my videos!! Its so annoying. What they don't understand is that no one likes them and that they are never going to get famous like that. smh smh.
  6. Alina

    Anyone else getting the youtube glitch?!

    Hey guys I was wondering cause a lot of people have been complaining about this, there is a youtube glitch with youtube unsubscribing to other people who you were subscribed to and then sometimes the numbers and other things like replying back are a problem. I wish they would fix it sooner. ever...
  7. Rquerd

    Am I the Only One Who Gets Uploading Problems on YouTube?

    Everytime I try to upload a video, the upload time would take hours...Okay I understand, that's because my internet sucks. However when I upload pretty late, I put a timer on my computer and let the video upload overnight. When I wake up, it's like the video never existed. I pressed save and I...
  8. Bromar Gaming

    New 150K Youtube channel

    Hi, an acquaintance of mine passed down a youtube channel to me with around 150k subscribers. He simply didn't want to upload a video anymore and hasnt in a little over 2 years, so he transferred the owner ship of the channel to me to hopefully to continue his success. But he told me to tell the...