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  1. H

    New Video " Michael Adventures

    Hello everyone ! I'm Michael and this is my channel where I like to spend time with my family, friends and make new ones as well. Check out my new video: Michael is Copying Mom for 24 Hours Challenge !:
  2. 3kidstv

    Children's Slime Activity Tin | Nickelodeon - Slime Tin - Oozing With Slime Fun

    Fans of ooze and slime will be set for hours of fun with the Nickelodeon Slime Tin of Books. There’s an awesome activity book packed full of slime recipes and facts, as well as quizzes, puzzles and pranks for slime-heads! The second Slime book is oozing with doodling and sticker fun for hours of...
  3. 3kidstv

    Mini Motorcycle Kids Toy Race Track - Childrens Race Track Playset

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing mini motorcycle toy race track playset for children How to play? 1. Grip firmly the motorcycle by fingers 2. Pull back the rear wheel of the mini motorcycle at 30-degree angle to...
  4. 3kidstv

    Kids Ride Battery Toy Motorcycle and Drive Car / Mini Electric Cars and Motorcycle For Children

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing Play-Doh Star Wars Millenium Falcon Set with 5 Can-Heads Kids ride electric toy motorcycle and drive car powered by battery. Fun toy cars and bike for children to play...
  5. 3kidstv

    Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads Toys For Kids

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing Play-Doh Star Wars Millenium Falcon Set with 5 Can-Heads #kidsvideoforkids Product Description:- *Create your own Star Wars adventures with Play-Doh Can-Heads characters...
  6. 3kidstv

    Feeding Froggies Kids Toy! | Feeding Froggies Board Game For Children

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing Feeding Froggies board game toy for kids Product Description:- Hungry Froggies Light-weight Game, Feed the Hungry Frog Before the Other Frogs Eat Up All the Balls Objective : Who...
  7. 3kidstv

    Coloring Page For Kids | Learn Easy Drawing and Coloring Thomas Train | How To Draw Thomas Train

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Coloring page for kids. Learn step by step easy drawing and coloring Thomas train. How to draw Thomas train. #drawthomastrain #drawatrain #drawingforkids Follow us:- Facebook...
  8. 3kidstv

    Marble Race Run Maze Ball Track Building Blocks Toy For Kids

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Marble race run maze ball track building blocks toy for kids. Unboxing & Play. Follow us:- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram...
  9. C

    Future of YouTube Kids

    Hi! Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I don't want to get into details on the whole COPPA issue, since I am one of the creators that creates 100% content for kids. So I have no doubts that I need to mark my whole channels as "for kids". Since I treat my channel as a main...
  10. ryansrs07

    Facebook and Twitter

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone uses Facebook and Twitter to promote their YouTube channels and if it works. I run my kids channels and seen a few that do this but don't have a huge amount of follower. But I suppose it can another part of promoting the channel. We use Instagram and find that...
  11. Connor's Corner

    Channel won't appear on YouTube Kids app. So Frustrated.

    My 7-year-old nephew's channel (Connor's Corner UCdHjZQr1mlQRL-3gOLjn8hQ ) is not appearing on the YouTube Kids app. It's frustrating because he and his friends can't watch his channel on their YouTube Kids app. Everyone says that there is "nothing you can do".. .YouTube's filters choose...
  12. Thecreativetoyadventure

    Disney Doc McStuffins First Responders Backpack Set with Big Silly Monkey!

    Please help support real family friendly content on Youtube by subscribing to our channel. You can subscribe here. Here's a link to our latest play video. Please watch and enjoy!
  13. KiddieToysReview

    YouTube is Removing Videos - Are You Affected?

    Youtube has removed 2 of our videos. It appears the problem is widespread with major kids channels being affected. Like a thief in the night - there was no email, no warning, no transparency. The only way I found it was scanning through Video Manager - Video - something I do daily now to see if...
  14. Mr.LEE

    Other YouTube Kids Channel Playlist Exchange Collab

    If there is anyone who can exchange with Playlists. I will put your Playlist and you will put my Playlist on channel. But it should be Kids Channel. If anyone interested I would like to collab.
  15. Derrick Toys

    Youtube Kids REMOVE Paid Placements

    Wondering if YouTube removes videos with name brand logo on clothing?
  16. CelyD87

    How's my intro???

    I have been debating on wether I should leave the intro as it is or change it up. What do you guys think? Here's a link to the video where I have the newest intro: The channel is about my 2 year olds Adventures and toys. Should I include his picture or is it fine how it is?
  17. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Just wanted to share one of the 3D Animations I designed and created for my little son Ayden's Youtube channel. He was very proud to do the voice-overs for his Gumball animation:) I'll be posting new 3D animations from timte to time in this section to share with the animators community.
  18. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Ayden loved watching gumball videos so much so I decided to design and create his very own gumball machine. Ayden had so much fun doing all the voice overs for his colors. Honestly I wish I filmed him the first time he say his very own gumball surprise video. It truly was priceless. Please help...
  19. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Baseball Blast" - Episode #1

    Just wanted to share our first episode. Ayden goes on a baseball adventure at the park and hits a home run!
  20. CelyD87

    400 subscribers!!! 3months in

    Super excited as channel grows! It's very nice to meet new friends along the way too
  21. CelyD87

    Vertical iPhone video .. need help!

    Does anyone know how I can edit my vertical iPhone videos to show up full screen? Here's a link to the video so you can see what I'm talking about. Giant indoor playground for kids
  22. CelyD87

    Giant Indoor Playground for Kids | Billy Beez

    Giant indoor playground for kids
  23. remeus

    How can i add my channel to "Youtube Kids"?

    Is there any fast way to add channel to Youtube Kids platform? Thank you