1. TheEzeJC

    Webcam/Facecam Is it helpful?

    Hello there, Lately I’ve been looking at ways to help add more entertaining elements to my videos/streams and have heard discussions about the webcam/facecam and how useful it is. Especially in a competitive niche like gaming. I considered adding a camera to my content, but looking back at the...
  2. J

    DSLR or Webcam for splitscreen multicam music lessons and splitscreen skype?

    Hi everyone, I am a music teacher and I'm wanting to begin offering my lessons via Youtube and also Skype, I currently don't have any streaming/recording equipment and I'm really wanting to make sure I buy the things that will do what I need. I will be mainly teaching guitar and I'm wanting to...
  3. Friendlyman

    Whats a good webcam for videos thats cheap

    Im looking for a good webcam under 70$ for gameing videos.
  4. HelenBaby

    Logitech Brio

    Hi guys Do any of you have experience with the Logitech Brio? It's a high-end webcam that many Youtubers recommend. I bought one recently second-hand to shoot videos with. My problem, now, is know what software to record in. I have tried the software I use for editting (VSDC), but that didn't...
  5. SupWithT

    Is it ok to start off with a webcam?

    Ok so the focal point of my channel is to do skits, gaming, news, tips for the air force, etc. etc. Now my issue I am having a hard time getting a capture card because........I'm only 18 its only so much I CAN afford :crying:. So I need some starting off on a webcam recording...
  6. AngelFromAbove

    XSplit Gamecaster Cam low FPSim

    I'm stumped. I want to use my webcam to record my face while I record the games I play but the frame rate for my camera is seriously slow. On everything else it isn't though. I haven't tried OBS with my new computer yet. I tried googling my issue and all I got was turn off the auto focus and...
  7. Rolz

    Webcam for streaming?

    Hi guys what's a good webcam for streaming 1080p? I was looking at maybe picking up the Logitech c930 or 20...what do you think? Thank you :)
  8. sparkypi

    How is my commentary?

    I've been working for a while now and finally have over 50 videos. My request for your reviewal is how my commentary and video quality has improved. My most recent video is "Space! - Portal 2 Part 18 (Story End)". This is the video linked to this request. How is my commentary overall? Would...
  9. Tomba


    Tips & Tricks: Save your pan locations as a preset and you won't have to redo the same process each time you add a webcam or overlay in sony vegas! Thank you for watching your local banana! Stay awesome! -Tomba ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sub here...
  10. TheShackelz

    Webcam Sync Error

    I record with OBS and I'm trying to make my videos as professional as possible but I've noticed that on longer videos my webcam becomes de-synchronized over time. It falls behind my voice and my colab partner's skype audio. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this?
  11. CyberunHD

    First time i've used green screen video in my gameplay, your thoughts please

    Hey Guys, Here is my latest gamepaly video on Titan Fall Tech Test gameplay. but its the first time i used my webcam footage with green screen, so i was looking for honest feedback to see how it came across? Thanks for watching, and any feedback would be truly appreciated..
  12. Ogi

    Facecam vs Gameplay

    Hello i can't deciade if I should use facecam or gameplay as background for my channel, can some of you look at one facecam video and one gameplay video and reply witch one you enjoyed more?
  13. Worldofpossible

    A good webcam required

    Currently, I planned to make use of the new Samsung Note 7, it has a great camera but if there something else you could recommend I would appreciate it. I plan to use for review portion of my channel.
  14. K

    I FINALLY GOT IT! - OVERWATCH #1! (Webcam)

  15. K


    Leave a LIKE for more Speed UHC! :D
  16. K

    Thoughts on Webcams?

    I am ordering a webcam for my videos, what are your opinions on webcams in videos? Do you think it helps your videos get more views? Do you think people enjoy it more? etc.
  17. Jack Decker

    Given my set-up, what is good for producing a gaming channel with it?

    The great news is that I have a potential sponsor for my YouTube game show. The not-so-great news is the backer wants me to first start up another YouTube channel and cut my teeth on it before starting up the game show. Okay. Fine. If that is what will take to make the game show happen, I'm...
  18. Tv Head Greg

    I need help: Sony cx-440 camcorder as webcam for synced PC screen capture and IRL footage

    I have a problem. I can't find a way to get my computer to record myself and screen capture at the same time. I can't get my computer to recognize my Sony cx-440 camcorder as anything other than a external storage device. I'm not super familiar with what I need to do in order to fix my...
  19. PsySpy Gaming

    Starting Corpse Party Chapter 3

    Heyos! I haven't been posting here a whole bunch, at least not nearly as much as I was when I first joined. Apologies about that. I've started the Chapter 3 of Corpse Party and I've included something that I am going to start doing more often. Facecam! I am a little bit on the camera shy side...
  20. Stockhouse

    Facecam Manipulation!

    What's going on everyone, Stockhouse here with a question about manipulating the facecam in videos. I understand in order to do this I would have to record gameplay on one program and the webcam on another. Can anyone tell me specifically how this is done and with what programs it is done on...
  21. MrDXZ

    I'M BAAAAAAACK! And needing good equipment...

    Hello ladies and gentleman. My name is Zach, AKA MrDXZ, and after a one year hiatus from YouTubing that was due to technical difficulties and personal reasons, I am thinking about doing my Chatroulette/Omegle videos again! But everybody always tells me I need a better webcam and, more...
  22. CrystalD

    Tips on recording video with a webcam?

    I don't have a camera to use for videos, but I want to start vlogging, and recording outros for my videos. My laptop has a webcam (It's an Acer Inspire some model or other I forget lol) and it has decent quality, so I figured I'd just start with that. So I'm wondering, does anyone have good...
  23. Takadaroba

    Facecam, yes or no?

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if I could get a few opinions from you guys. The basic plan here is that, a while from now, after one of my current regularly scheduled series is over, I'd like to start a Let's Play of a Pacifist run of Undertale! (If you don't know what Undertale is, I strongly...
  24. Te-Erika

    Do You Use The Pre Installed Webcam For Your Videos?

    I have always used the pre installed laptop webcam for my videos but I have seen that there are some cams that are attachable. Does anyone use these? Are they better quality or do you find that the preinstalled webcams likeYouCam are just fine?
  25. DreaM_HD

    Should I put facecam in my videos?

    I was planning on starting a fifa career mode and was wondering if a facecam would be a good option to include. I have around 150 subs so if anyone has any opinions, thanks!
  26. The8BitMonkey

    DSLR Webcam Help/Advice!

    Hey everyone, with there being so many wonderful and talented YouTubers here I hope that there is someone that will be able to help me out. So I recently bought a second hand Canon EOS 1100D, I'm currently using it for product reviews which is working fantastically BUT as I wanted to improve my...