1. AmeGaming

    Firewatch & Feedback

    My newest episode of my Firewatch series is up. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it, and on the overall series in general, because without feedback we can't grow and try to become better. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, and really all feedback is appreciated, even if you hate...
  2. Foorson

    The Park #2 | THE PARK IS HUNGRY!

    OK K.O! Sup Guys still looking for my son in this creepy park I must be nuts - I thought I hate the kid? Because im so, so good mother right?
  3. Justine

    I GOT JUMPED | Dark Souls 3

    So yeah. I played Dark Souls again for the first time in months and I got jumped.....this game fuels my anger and rage.
  4. Morpheus0316

    Psychonauts Part1

    Hey guys this is Morpheus and I started a new tuesday thursday let's play called psychonauts. Part 1 is up so if you like a crazy adventure then come check it out! Leave a comment on what you like and what you don't like about the video so I can improve my skills!
  5. Foorson

    DOOM Part 10 | PINKY THE DOG

    OK K.O! Sup guys im back with a new video We've met an ugly most demonic creature from hell and his name is... PINKY
  6. Justine

    Shank'em! | Dark Souls 3 prt3

    Here's a tip on how to beat the first boss in Dark Souls 3: Shank it's ankles. Just trust me on this.
  7. Justine

    MAD SWEDISH MAN | Dark Souls 3

    The first boss in Dark Souls 3 is a p****d off Swedish statue of liberty and its perfect.
  8. Justine

    MISTAKES AHEAD | Dark Souls 3

    Hey Guys! I decided to upload this a day early because oh boy....this games tough. I bought Dark Souls 3 and I can already tell, we're gonna suffer throughout this....lets get to it. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed watching me suffer!
  9. Justine

    IT BEGINS |Until Dawn - Part 1

    Hey guys, so I finally have time to play video games and enjoy making videos again, so I thought I might as well celebrate by doing a walkthrough of Until Dawn! We're gonna save everyone...hopefully...idk you'll have to watch and see how I either get everyone killed or keep everyone alive!
  10. RaPiiDHD

    Firewatch - In Deep Trouble

  11. S

    Need a Gaming channel name!

    Hi guys my name is Shawn, i am starting a YouTube gaming channel but i am stuck on choosing a name, i've tried several name generators but they are not helping me, i'll upload walkthroughs of PC games. Please suggest some names, The name should be catchy and easy to remember.
  12. Callum Macdonald

    Not My Wife!: Fallout 4 #1

    Whats up guys! CalciumKing here and today we are starting up my new Fallout 4 series. I wasnt much of a big fallout player, ive only played some of new vegas before on xbox 360, but this game Ive really enjoyed from the get go. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very good. This is going...
  13. S

    Need a name for my Gaming channel.

    Hello, everyone! My name is Shawn and I'm starting a new gaming channel, focusing on PC where I'll be uploading videos such as walkthroughs but i m stuck on choosing a name.
  14. AmeGaming

    Gameboy Emulator Help

    I'm dying to do a pokemon playthrough for my channel and I want to get a decent emulator, can anyone who has one advise me on one?! And what's the deal with Nintendo are they odd about their content going up?
  15. Nathan Greaves

    FALLOUT 4 - #1 - PREWAR

    Hey guys! I NEED YOUR HELP I want to put a serious amount of work into making our channel awesome and to start it off on my end(there are a few of us doing different things) im making a Fallout walkthrough! il try to be as funny as possible and to provide as much accurate knowledge on the game...
  16. Justine

    Black Ops 3 Loves Cthulhu!

    Except Cthulhu's REALLY angry and attacking me! I decided to do some zombies by myself and I did pretty good until...well....you'll see:happy: If you guys are Zombie pros, you should give me some tips on how to kick butt in Shadows of Evil!! It'd be super helpful!
  17. Justine

    Black Ops Hentai Monsters?

    Yeah, you read that right. There's hentai monsters in Black Ops 3 that you can turn into to get stuff done. It's....it's beautiful. Also there's scary sacrifice stuff that I reALLY NEVER WANNA PARTAKE IN AGAIN.
  18. Justine

    Naked with roaches | Fallout 4

    We finally made it into the vault and now everything's going horribly! Quick question though, despite all these roaches attacking me, how do I put my clothes back on?
  19. WilBajamas

    Many nights at Freddy's

    Wasabi peeps!! It's me WilBajamas and today its a very scary yet horrific video~~ Yes! It's Five Nights At Freddy's, and I can't even survive the first night. Watch as I fail as a nervous gamer trying to survive the night haha Hey there everyone my #2 episode of Five Nights At Freddy's is here.I...
  20. Dweros

    One of the scariest games I've played.

    Part 12 of our play through, things start to get really terrifying.
  21. Dice Rollen

    Let's Play: Fran Bow-Part 8 | The Ritual

    The twins want Fran to perform a ritual to summon a lost soul...but I found a different ritual.
  22. WilBajamas

    Game Of Thrones From Telltale Games!!

    I'm here with another new adventure, YES!! And it's Game Of Thrones from Telltale Games!! This is Episode 1 : Iron From Ice and this is part 1. It's quite a long video, so remember your popcorns!!
  23. Justine

    Hot For Teacher | Life is Strange Episode 5

    Max has got it bad, so bad, she's hot for teacher... Only in this nightmare sequence though. Tbh, this part should have been named "Justine nearly pukes because of all the bs that's goin down" but apparently that's too long for a video name on Youtube.
  24. joeline

    Mom plays Agair.io and gets her butt kicked

    Lol guys, judging from my title i guess you already know i got beat at this game, but is ok i guess it wass all good entertainment.
  25. WilBajamas


    Hey guys, I started playing this horror game about few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!! I've made 3 videos of SOMA playthrough so far, let me know what you guys think or give me any feedbacks on what I should change... Thanks... This is Part 1 of SOMA IS IT REAL...
  26. Ben Hands

    Alone in The Dark (2008) - BigBadBen

    ➤ Join Me! - goo.gl/aLHrcV Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Here's a reupload of a video I made back in June! Prove that I didn't follow my upload pattern very well! This video is about the 2008 Game Alone in the Dark which was re-released for the PS3 and it was pretty decent for a ported game...
  27. WarriorDan

    Let's Play: Hawken | Part 2 [Gameplay/Walkthrough]

    WarriorDan gets suited up in full mech armor for this explosion-filled Let's Play of Hawken, the popular mech-based MMOFPS, currently on Steam now! Check out some awesome Hawken gameplay now, and please do check out the rest of my channel! I upload new gameplay videos 2-3 times a week! Check...
  28. WarriorDan

    Let's Play: Hawken | Part 1 [Gameplay/Walkthrough]

    WarriorDan gets suited up in full mech armor for this explosion-filled Let's Play of Hawken, the popular mech-based MMOFPS, currently on Steam now! Check out some awesome Hawken gameplay now! Check HAWKEN out on Steam now: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271290/
  29. Jawad Soomro

    Amnesia Walkthrough Part 3

    So I took out three books inside the room that opened the door for me to get the keys for Wine Cellar Room. I reached until the strong spider web room.
  30. TheDirectorsOfGaming

    Castle Crashers - Death of the Cat! (Castle Crashers Lets Play Part 3) - By J&S Games!