1. DisStalker

    Manual Samuel #2- Driving

    Taking a ride with Death and War! Hope you Enjoy:D
  2. DisStalker

    Are titans intelligent?

    Are titans intelligent? Hope you Enjoy:D
  3. DisStalker

    Turmoil #11 - I messed up

    We start off good but end up turning to poop! Hope you Enjoy:D
  4. The Happy Gamer

    IN LIKE FLYNN | Hello Neighbor #3 (HUGE UPDATE)

    The new update for Hello Neighbor is INSANE! And we finally got into the basement door! Let's see what's inside!
  5. The Happy Gamer

    NEW WORLD ORDER | Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 3

    Episode 3 of Batman: The Telltale Series, New World Order, is by far my favorite of the series so far! Get ready for an extremely dramatic episode!
  6. The Happy Gamer

    I'M IN YOUR HOUSE... | Hello Neighbor #2

    We made it into our neighbor's house for good this time! Now let's see if we can't find anything that will help us get into the basement!
  7. DisStalker

    It's winter | Turmoil #10

    We're finishing off the plains! Enjoy:D
  8. The Happy Gamer

    DON'T BREATHE | Hello Neighbor #1

    Hello Neighbor is the most fun I've ever had breaking into someone's house! That's obviously sarcasm. But seriously! This is creepy fun!
  9. DisStalker

    Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom #8

    Levi is a boss! Enjoy:D
  10. TheMercenaree

    I'VE PLAYED THIS LEVEL BEFORE | Super Mario Maker: Part 27

    Today we're doing the 10 Mario Challenge once again. There's a lot of hard levels and a couple familiar levels. If you want to watch more of my videos, then click the link below this text:
  11. DisStalker

    Turmoil #9

    Profits are going up! Enjoy:D
  12. TheMercenaree

    REPAIRING A BRIDGE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 46

    Today we finally repair the Bridge of Eldin. We also learn a new hidden skill. So, pretty normal stuff. If you want to watch more of my videos, then click the link below this text.
  13. DisStalker

    Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom #7

    Humanity finally wins against the titans! Enjoy:D
  14. TheMercenaree

    TOO MANY LAKITUS | Super Mario Maker: Part 26

    Why are there so many Lakitus in this video??? There's probably around 50!!! Will I get through them all??? Also, I play some of my friend's levels. If you want to watch more of my videos, then click that red bar below this text.
  15. DisStalker

    Turnoil #8

    I'm doing terrible with making a profit Enjoy
  16. The Happy Gamer

    The Risk of Hard Work

    I've had something on my mind for the past several weeks that I've really wanted to talk to you guys about, and that is the risk of hard work. Also, I have disabled ads for this video because I really don't care about getting anything from it. I really just want you to get something out of it...
  17. TheMercenaree

    GOT TO GERUDO | Twilight Princess HD: Part 45

    Now that we have a new sword and shield, we finally go to Gerudo Desert. And there's lots of sand. If you want to watch more of my videos, then click that red bar below this text.
  18. TheMercenaree

    CAN JUMPMAN JUMP HIGH ENOUGH??? | Super Mario Maker: Part 25

    There's a level that is a test of how high Mario can jump. So, can Jumpman jump high enough??? If you want to watch more of my videos, then click that red bar below this text.
  19. The Happy Gamer

    FLYING TRUCK JUMP | Clustertruck #3

    Clustertruck has officially released so it's time for some trucking truck-jumping madness!
  20. TheMercenaree

    NEW SWORD AND SHIELD | Twilight Princess HD: Part 44

    Remember when we burned our shield? Well, today we need to get a new one. And we also get the master sword. If you want to watch more of my videos, then click that link below this text.
  21. DisStalker

    NO A SPILLAGE | Turmoil

    We do some good and a bad!
  22. Ciarra deBritto

    Making YouTube Banners

    Hey, guys! I know that YouTube banners can be a little tricky because the recommended resolution is odd and how YouTube formats them once uploaded can be a pain, but I figured I'd make a little thread to help explain/show the process more in hopes that it helps you! (To the Admins; sorry if I...
  23. Justine

    Titan Killer |Attack on Titan Gameplay!

    The Titans are coming and Hange is freaking out...cool. We finally get to play as daddy eyebrows..my life is now complete! Also, shoutout to titan Eren for being a major pain...thanks bud you're the best. As always, thanks for checking out my video and if you have any feedback let me know...
  24. Tyler Reynolds


    I finally made 50 subs, and I'm looking forward to the next 50. I'm hoping to get my first 100 by the end of this year. Does anyone have any tips aside from the obvious ones like making good content finding a nich social media sharing and post on a scheduled? Is there any other tips you guys...
  25. The Cold Abyss

    The Battle For First Hokage! | Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4!

    In this latest video I play Naruto Storm 4! I tackle the first mission, Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchila battle for the glorious title of the first hokage because of different ideals/believes. Hashirama ends up the victory and is able to stop Madara and the Nine Tails and earn the...
  26. TripleBGTeam

    [Channel] Triple BG: The Slice of YouTube Most Enjoy, Come on In!

    Hello, Welcome to the info zone for the Triple BG Youtube Channel. We will be covering gaming content of all platforms available. In this thread I will be posting Updates and such about the channel. About The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhkk7iePGHfrUp1I_1u54A...
  27. Goin' All Gamer

    A New Walkthrough Series - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty!

    Hello there everyone! Recently I have made a comeback to YouTube and to celebrate this I decided to start a new walkthrough series with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty! If you guys have an interest in this game and wanna check out the series please feel free and leave feedback on the...
  28. ColorCommentary

    Color Commentary - First four videos [New channel]

    Hey everyone! I'm Coen, I am a high school teacher in my day to day life and decided to mix it up with YouTube. I have formed the gaming channel Color Commentary together with a friend and we upload a video at least every Friday. We can be found on http://tiny.cc/colorcommentary, if any of you...
  29. mostafagado

    New Walkthrough Video!

  30. Fusion

    Star wars the old republic walkthrough

    I just uploaded a Star Wars the old republic walkthrough were I play with my Sith Warior and level to level 10. I wasn't planning on making the video but I wanted to get my specialisation in before ep.4. I also do Warframe video's.