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  1. MultiDragon129

    SMW HACK | Mario is Missing! Done Right #2 TOAD's LAYAWAY JAUN

    Toad's Layaway Deal... (#2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys again, back for some for SMW HACKS I'm pretty happy with the...
  2. MultiDragon129

    SMW HACK | Mario is Missing! Done Right #1 LUIGI TIME

    SMW Hacks | LUIGI TIME! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, We're playing some more SMW Hacks and going back to...
  3. Twlsted Mind

    Who doesn't love overwatch HIGHLIGHTS

    I used a little to much color corrector but I like it haha.
  4. Jgaust Online

    Who would've thought?

    That a rinky-dink channel like mine would attract 40 subscribers? Seriously, that means 40 other people out there enjoy my gaming videos enough to hit the subscribe button! IDK about you guys but I am pretty picky with who I subscribe to. It's a mind blowing and AMAZING feeling. Had to get...
  5. TheSGGamingChannel

    400 Video Views

    This is a pretty good milestone for me; hopefully, by the end of October, I'll get to my desired 1000 views! Thanks for all the help!
  6. TheSGGamingChannel

    Overall Channel Review

    Sup guys and gals; so far, these 3 months of YouTube have been pretty fun. Its a bit slow, but honestly, I'm fine with that; at least I'm having fun. I just a general review of my audio quality, video quality, thumbnails, and SEO. I've had some people say that all of them are pretty good, but...
  7. thegeekyinformant

    Ranting series ideas??

    So I have an idea for a series called "Rantology!" where I rant about whatever. For example, my first episode will surround that ACCURSED "GOAL" sections of the Sonic the Hedgehog chaos emerald stages. Basically I'll talk about why it's called "Goal" when it obviously isn't........ the goal is...
  8. Monolith Music And Games

    Just hit 100 subs!!! Where should I go from here?

    I had just hit 100 subscribers the other day (I'm at a whopping 107 now) and I can't helpe but ask... where should I go from here? I've been streaming a lot of video games lately, and that's been a decently big increase in views and a huge increase in subscribers and my own little community. I...
  9. Ninja

    WAR IS HELL | Day of Infamy | Funny Moments

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  10. Branden Morales


  11. 3Bit


    Here is my latest rant video for The VGHD youtube channel! Enjoy!
  12. Monolith Music And Games

    Gaming Calling all Nintendo fans!!!

    My YouTube channel focuses a TON on Nintendo games, news, and dicussion videos so I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to do a Nintendo podcast or any other sort of collab :)
  13. Crum

    Gaming Xbox One Collaboration

    I have a primarily Fifa based channel but I would be happy to collab on other games! FIFA 16, Gta 5, Black Ops 3 are the main games I have. Reply or DM me on Twiter: @crumhd if you're interested :D My channel is also called 'Crum'!
  14. TheSGGamingChannel

    200 Video Views Total

    Its been a hard 2 months+ on YouTube so far, but its going pretty smooth and growth is better than on my original channel. Its hard to be a gaming channel, simply because there are 50000000+ channels dedicated to that. I'll just keep pushing and bringing out quality content. Thanks for the support!
  15. Tyler Reynolds


    I finally made 50 subs, and I'm looking forward to the next 50. I'm hoping to get my first 100 by the end of this year. Does anyone have any tips aside from the obvious ones like making good content finding a nich social media sharing and post on a scheduled? Is there any other tips you guys...
  16. CFGlyn

    Gaming PC Gamers 25+ UK, hit me up!

    Howdy to you all out there! Just a quick one to say my name is Glyn and I am currently working on building up my second personal YouTube channel which is all about gaming at the moment but looking to very soon branch out into some new stuff ;) I am always on the lookout for new people to play...
  17. KantoGaming


    I just uploaded the first part of Pokemon Sweet Version to my channel! Its absolutely adorable! Its a version of fire red with a dessert twist on the world and pokemon! In this episode we experience the wraith of popsichu! Thanks for watching :D
  18. KantoGaming


    Hey fellow Youtubers! I just posted a new kind of video I have never done before! (I usually do gameplay/lets play videos) Its called Top 5 Games Coming This Fall ! Check it out! I had a lot of fun making it!
  19. SeanFace101

    Minecraft Gaming: Jak & Makenzie (Xbox One Edition)

    Jak and Makenzie Minecraft Gaming on the Xbox One Edition Jak Quinn and Makenzie again playing Minecraft on the Xbox One. This is on Jak's Xbox One games console again and it is also Jak's Minecraft game. They are using Makenzie's Xbox One controller.
  20. TheSGGamingChannel

    2 Months of YouTube

    I only have 1 more part of my 2nd Let's Play, and I feel I've made considerable progress in 2 months. Its slow, and SEO is difficult, but I feel I'm doing better than other channels my size honestly. I've made a post like this a while back, and its a two month anniversary, I would like some...
  21. spudfunk

    Skipping School to Play Video Games

    heres yet another interesting life story, any feedback would be great, like is there anything i need to improve on to make my life stories more entertaining
  22. TheGamingSheep

    Gaming Looking For Collaboration (PC GAMER ONLY)

    I am looking for players that would consider record (or even collaborating with) with me. if you have a youtube channel please leave a link to it in your comment. The list of games i record (Remember PC Gamer Only) - Grand Theft Auto V - COD WAW Zombies - Left 4 Dead 2 - Garry's Mod - Cards...
  23. Flash Cake

    Comedy Gaming & Anime Videos :D

    Hey, my name is Flash Cake (Flash because of my quick wit and Cake because I'm pretty damn sweet) I make comedy videos about anime, video games and internet culture in general. This is a typical video of mine, I hope you enjoy it.
  24. yoEchoz

    My Tribute To CS:GO Gambling :(

    Hey guys this is a little funny video I made since some you may know CS:GO gambling recently got banned and that was one of the things I did on my channel so I decided to make a short funny vid dedicated to CS:GO gambling.
  25. GoldSnoopy

    Gaming Reviews & Updates (Review my channel please)

    Hey everybody, I am QuikSnoopy and I have been working on my channel a lot lately and I would appreciate your feedback on my latest video where I do gaming reviews and updates on a game called Dota 2. Thanks and I would love to hear your opinion!
  26. MultiDragon129

    GIANT CRYSTAL LIZARD [Dark Souls 3] Pt. 2 - (>ლ) I can't take it anymore...

    Next episode of DARK SOULS 3 with my cousin is out, you can check it out (If you want) We continue on with the struggle fighting off against the crystal lizard and of course, dying horribly. We then proceed to take on IUDEX GUNDYR and he then proceeds to wreck my face. So HARD in fact, that I've...
  27. TheDirectorsOfGaming


  28. TheSGGamingChannel

    Simple Ways to Make Effective LPs

    I have 3 years experience of making Let's Plays, Walkthrough, Playthroughs, or whatever you want to call them, so I just want to give some quick pieces of advice to people who are new to the business. Having a YouTube channel these days that is dedicated to gaming isn't an impossible task; it...
  29. P

    Video and channel to be reviewed (Unoriginal UK gaming channel for a bit of fun)

    "People are dying in the world, and here we are playing video games." We have a new video I'd love for anyone to review. We've taken a lot of feedback from the last one including a shorter intro, less pauses, music in background and overall better content. Please leave any feedback you'd like...